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List of Exhibitors - Beauty Forum Slovakia

BoothExhibitor Details
-Xtreme LashesSlovakia
-XANITALIAPesaro, Italy
-UnitronicsQuincy, USA Expansion Modules, Snap-in Modules, COM Modules, Sorting & Handling, Conveying & Transportation
-SWAROVSKIPune, India Curly Ring, Charm Bracelet, Heart Pendant, Heart Charm, Candy Ring, Vio Long Pendant, Cube Ring, Cypress Ring, Slake Denim Blue Rock Bracelet, Cherie Bracelet, Piazza Grande Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Quartz Watch, Atmosphere Pendant, Angelic Pierced Earrings, Heart Cord Charm Bracele, Arrive Pierced Earrings, Cinderella Butterfly Pendant, Cross Signature Leather Wide Bracelet, Crocus Heart Pendant, Cardinal Pierced Earrings, Citrus Pendant, Caress Pierced Earring Jackets, Cute Flower Pierced Earrings, Stardust Knot Necklace, Clay Pierced Earrings, Curvy Necklace, Caption All-Around Necklace, Center Bracelet, Midnight Cross Pendant, Vio Leather Bracelet, Claw Frontal Necklace, Candy Square Pendant, Crystal Double Star Charm, Advantage Pendant, Corol Necklace, Stardust Gradient Black Necklace, Tomboy Beads Bracelet, Cardinal Small Necklace, Capture Cuff Links, Cycle Large Pendant, Cinderella Bangle Bracelets, Bow Charm, Christie Ring Setthis Set Of Three Stackable, Lovely Crystals Square White Stainless St ...+ show more
-Schulke & Mayr GmbHNew Delhi, India Medical Instruments, Reinigungsverstarker fur gigasept FF, kodan Tincture Forte Coloured, Sensiva Care Emulsion, Sm 2 universal / sm 2 500, Mikrozid Sensitive Wipes Premium, Cleanroom Class A+B, Type KHL / Type KHK Counter, Terralin Protect, Thermosept ED, Perform Classic Concentrate GA, S&m Wash Lotion, kodan wipes, Gigasept AF forte, Perform sterile concentrate QB, Terralin PAA, Mikrozid Sensitive Liquid, Esemtan Bath Oil, Euxyl K 900, Esemtan Skin Balm, Desderman Gel, Euxyl K 727, Chulke wipes, Thermosept RKF forte, Perform Sterile Alcohol Ep, Sensiva Protective Emulsion, Mikrozid AF Wipes, Gigasept PAA, Thermostat RKF, Mikrozid AF Wipes Premium, Buraton Rapid Ready, Typ Kh Touchless, Thermosept Rkn-zym, Thermosept NKP, Wall bracket S 500/ S1.000, Desderman Pure Gel, Wall bracket schulke wipes mini, Thermostat NDR, Perform classic concentrate PAA, kodan Tincture Forte Colorless, Octenisept Vaginal Therapeutic Agent, Desderman N, Hand Care Product, Thermostat Alka Clean Forte, Octenisept, Perform sterile al ...+ show more
-ROSA GRAFSlovakia
-PRINCESSA COSMETICSNew Delhi, India Hot Stamping Machine, Automatic Ink And Hot Stamping Machine, Flat Hot Stamping Machine, Mascara And Cream Filling Machine, Flat / Round / Square Hot Stamping Machine, Pneumatic 1 Color Double Head Pad Printer, Lip-Pencil, Eyebrow-Pencil Filling Machine, Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine, Pneumatic 1-Color Pad Printer, Multi Function Filling Machine, Pneumatic 1 Color Pad Printer, Manual 1-Color Pad Printer, Manual 1 Color Pad Printer (With Closed Cup), Automatic Air Blowing Machine, Flat Screen Printer, Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer, Pneumatic 2-Color Pad Printer, 4-Color Spiral Filling Machine, Semi-Auto Lipstick Filling Machine, Simple Type Lipstick Filling Machine, Automatic Hot Stamping Machine, Pneumatic Flat Screen Printer ...+ show more
-PLICA ProtectNetherlands
-PARISIENNE ITALIABologna, Italy Hair Sprays, cosmetic products, Hair Colours
-Olivia GardenUSA Salon Apparel With A Beautiful Feminine Touch, Double Clip, Jet Set Curler Set, Chic
-MK ProfinailsSlovakia
-MINUS 417Slovakia
-Jordana & Milani CosmeticsUSA Lip Gloss, Powder Foundation, Powder Bronzer, Nail Lacquer, Nail Treatment, Compact Foundation, Powder Blush, Eye Tech Liquid Liner, Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow, Multi Color Blush Bronzer And Brightener, Press Powder, Liquid Eye Liner Automatic Propel Pencil, Power Lash Volumizing Mascara, Bake Eyeshadow Marble, Color Perfect Lipstick, Lip Flash, Brow Fix Eye Brow Powder, Eyes Glitter Retractable Pencil, Infinite Liquid Eye Liner, Secret Cover Concealer Stick, Face Powder, Nail Art Lacquer With Precision Brush, Eye Liner And Eye Glimmer, Runway Eyes Shadow, Baked Bronzer, HD Advanced Concealer Eye And Face, Lip Mixer, Color Brilliance Eye Pencil, Baked Eyeshadow Metallic, HD Advanced Lip Color, Color Fiesta Nail Lacquer, Eye Liner Pencil, Body Bronzer, Secret Cover Concealer Compact, Brush On Liquid Makeup, Glitzy Glamour Gloss, Easybrow Automatic Pencil, Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil, Lengthening And Separating Mascara, Baked Blush, Baked Bronzer Face And Body, Cream To Powder, Glamour Gloss, Duo Sharpener, Ey ...+ show more
-Make Up FactoryGermany