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Event submission guidelines

We’re here for networking with/for business professional hence we involve a certain level of trust in the information displayed at 10times. We request you to please admire the functionalities & features on 10times in order to maintain & improve the faithfulness.

If you’re an event organizer/ promoter, here are some common rules that'll help you. Please take these rules seriously and take them into routine at 10times. Don't try to look for loopholes or try to misguide your way around the guidelines—just understand them and try to respect the spirit in which they were created.

What Can be Added

  • Events having physical presence

    Event happening at physically located venues which are easily accessible by public are only allowed for submmsion. Events which do not happen in any physical venue such as webinars, virtual events, online programes etc are not considered for addition.
  • Events which are open for public

    10times is open platform and used by over 20 million users globally to search and find events to attend. Hence, events which are open for general public can be listed. Events such as having the criteria of invitation only, private events or eligible to be attended by very closed user group are not allowed.
  • Events with clear ownership

    Events having clear title ownership owned/co-owned by individuals, companies, organizations, community or government bodies are only allowed to be listed. Events which does not have clear ownership or there are no claimed owners or owned by public are not allowed to be listed such as festivals, holidays, national holidays etc.
  • Professional events

    10times is a professional platform and used by professionals with an aim to grow their network for business, professional networking, career growth, personal learning & development. Hence we only allow events which are professional in nature like trade shows, conferences, consumer fairs, workshops, seminars etc to be listed and does not allow casual, personal and entertainment events like concerts, festivals, parties, music shows, award shows, reunions, college fest, online/offiline courses etc.

What Cannot be Added

  • Private & Small events

    Events which primarily involving a particular set of people based on “Invitation Only” or events which have a less or are of no interest to general public are not allowed to be listed. Events like private parties, kitty party, birthday parties, aniversary, family function/ceremonies, coporate parties, meetings, reunions are few examples which we dont allow to be listed.
  • Adult, Restricted, Banned or Disputed events

    Events which would or can harm any sector, community, religion group, government or any individual directly or indirectly are not allowed. Events which are unethical in nature, controversial, disputed or restricted by any laws/government bodies are also not allowed to be listed. Some example of such events are rave parties, dope session, terrosrism activities, protests againts anybody/individual, strikes, inviting for public gatherings etc.
  • Festivals & Celebrations

    While we respect culture, community, religion groups but we don’t allow any country, city, region or area specific festivals or celebrations to be listed. Celebrations and festivals are broad in nature and they do not have any specific venue or belongs or owned by individual or companies.
  • Event Duration

    In order to maintain quality of events we generally do not list events whose duration extends more than 21 days.
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