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Solar Argentina

Solar Argentina is a 3 day event being held from 10th July to the 12th July 2016 at the Buenos Aires La Rural Predio Ferial de in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Solar Argentina is a wonderful show of its kind which will see participations from large number of exhibitors from all over the world and this show will provide a center stage for the participating companies to do good promotion of devices and products. Starting from products from the photovoltaic sector to devices and equipments from the ..+ read moresolar thermal sector, from concentrating solar power technologies to batteries, this event will have everything from the sector catering to the needs of wide range of customers.Solar Argentina will be an enriching experience for the attendees who will come to the show to know more about latest equipments and devices. The visitors can take part in workshops and it is expected that they will have detailed technical knowledge.

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map of Buenos Aires La Rural Predio Ferial de

Juncal 4431 1425 Ciudad De
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Solar Argentina is a grand show of its kind which will have exhibits from PHOTOVOLTAIC SECTOR and the products will include Anti reflective coatings, Batteries, Battery charge controllers, Cast materials, Cell cutters, Cell testers, Cells, Charge regulators, Incapsulation materials and equipment, Etching equipments, Thick film metallization systems, Vacuum puttering coaters, Wafer fabrication lines, Wafer sorting and storage systems, Wafers, Wire saw equipment. This event will also have ..+ read moreexhibit from the SUPPLIERS OF ENGINEERING services and the products will include Corrosion protection, Electric vehicles, Remote monitoring, Desalinization and purification services. The event will have exhibits from fields like SOLAR THERMAL and the products will include Absorbers for solar collectors, Solar boilers and tanks, Control units and components for radiant heating installations, Flat solar thermal collectors, Remote control helium-assisted heating systems, Film for harnessing passive solar energy, Selective coatings for solar absorbers, Solar concentration systems for distributed generation, Solar thermal combination systems for the heating of rooms and the production of sanitary water. The event will have exhibit from the sector like CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER Technologies and the products will include Thermal storage systems, Receiver technology. The event will have exhibit from fields like COMPONENTS sector and the products will include CSP equipment, concentrating solar power systems, solar mirrors. The exhibit will also come from sectors like APPLICATIONS and the products will come from fields like Electrical power production, Steam generation, Water heating, Process heating, Space heating. The exhibit will also come from fields like industrial applications services, CSP plants research, consultancy, engineering, solar chemistry research, solar technology and applications. The exhibit will also come from Service suppliers, Associations, Monitoring, Tech

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