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List of Exhibitors - Caspian Agro

BoothExhibitor Details
-Steenks Service B.V.Netherlands
-Sorma GroupChina Labeling Machine, Automatic Packing Machine, Automatic Strapping Machine, Electronic Weigher, Automatic Palletizer, Automatic Bagging Machine, Strapping Machine, Dry Bin Tipper, Automatic Polybag Filler, PUNNET DE-NESTER, Filnet, Self Adjustable Single Bin Tipper, Ecopunnet, AUTOMATIC VERTICAL CLIPPING MACHINE, Small Label, Lid-closing System, Electronic Dynamic Weigher, Automatic Netbag Packing Machine, Packing Machine Punnets, Automatic Horizontal Clipping Machine, Polybag, Fruit Counter, Compact Labeling Machine, Automatic Box Filler, Automatic Tray Filler, The Machine Is Supplied With, Sorma Bag, Semiautomatic Vertical Clipping Machine, Semi Automatic Poly Bagger, Automatic Punnet Filling Machine, Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine, Net Bag Type Packing Machine, Tubular Pack, Filnet Film Bag, Electronic Weighing Machine, Automatic Vert-bag Packaging Machine, Vertbag, Automatic Punnet Machine ...+ show more
-Safa TarimTurkey
-Royal Pride - GreenhousesNetherlands
-Rinieri SRLForli, Italy Velox, Shredder, Cultivator, Bush Cutter, Heavy Duty Shredders, TRT Shredder, E DUE Cultivator, Heavy Duty Flail Shredder, TRH Shredder, Shredder TRH R, TRB Shredder, Duty Shredder, Wide Shredder, TRM R Shredder, Shredders with Side Shifting, Trimmers For Vineyards, TRD Shredder, TRV Shredder, Hedge Bush Cutter, Handy Bush Cutter, Hoeing Plough, Knife Or Hammer, Arm Equipped, TRM Shredder, TRF Agricultural, Wide Folding Shredder, Offset Tillers ...+ show more
-Riyk CvaanNetherlands
-Richel Serres de FranceReston, USA Botanical Garden Greenhouses, Crop Shelters, Steel Tube, Plastic Greenhouses, Hobby Tunnels, Glass Greenhouses
-REINKE IRRIGATION MANUFACTURING COMPANY ,INCMcHenry County, USA Swing Arm Corners, RPM Touch Screen Control Panel, Wrap Around Span, Powder Coated Steel Enclosure, Engine Driven Mini Pivot, Disconnecting Span Joint, Powder Coated Aluminum Enclosure, Towables, Single Phase Option, End Boom, Towable Gearbox, Cellular Based Telemetry, Lateral Move Systems, Satellite Based Telemetry, Water Pipe Materials, Three-Wheel Tower Option, Flexible Three-Wheel Tower Base ...+ show more
-Prins Group - Equipments for greenhousesNetherlands
-PELEMIX LANKA (PVT) LTD.Jerusalem, Israel Chips, Grow Cubes, Open Top, P.L.F Cocopeat, Crush Pro, 1/4 1/6 Cocopeat, Bales And Bricks, Coco Disks, 3/4 DS Cocopeat, Crush
-Nor Elektronik San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.Turkey
- New Holland - Agricultural ..USA
-Motor Sich, JSCZaporizhia, Ukraine Steam Boilers, Engine, Ripper, Ridgers, Plough, Motor Boat, Turbine Engine, Motor Sich Stsm-80, Swing Column Motor, Motor Sich On-2 Ridgers, Hand Electric Chain Saw, Motor Sich Vp-18p, Motor Sich Taifun-30, Gas-Turbine Drive, Gas-Pumping Unit, Gas-Turbine Drivers, Ai-24ube Airborne Power Plant, Turbofan Engines, Motor Sich D-70d Engine, Motor Sihc Ts-3 Trolley, Glass-Fiber Tourist Vessel, Motor Sich-500 Cream Separator, Sich-370 Power Saw, Gas-Turbine Drives, Ai9-3b Auxiliary Power Unit, Motor Sich D-250 Engine, Motor Such Pn-1 Plough, Preader Of Mineral Fertelizers, Motor Sich Ka-1 Motor Boat, Hand-Operated Centrifugal Cream Separator, Gas-Turbine Power Generating Set, Ai-9v Gas-Turbine Engine, Potato Digger, Rotary Column Motor, Motor Sich Km-17 Carburettor, Motor Sich Ks-1v Potato Planter, Motor Sich Kk-1v Potato Digger, Saw Chains Grinder, Gas-Turbine Power Generating Sets, Glass Tourist Vessel, Motor Sich Engine, Motor Sich Ok-1v Single-Bottom Ridger, Motor Sich Rn-1 Ripper, Rotary-Swing Column Motor, Mo ...+ show more
-Ministry of Agriculture of GeorgiaGeorgia
-Maf AgroboticFrance
-La Meccanica S.r.l. di ReffoNetherlands
-Klever - Agricultural equipmentsRussia
-KG Greenhouses & KG SystemsNetherlands Benching systems / Greenhouses
-Kahraman Fidanc?l?kTurkey
-Infia srl - Agricultural products -Italy
-Ikar S - Agricultural productsAzerbaijan
-Hilal Agro - Meat products,Azerbaijan
-Hatko Kaucuk -Turkey
-Grow Group -Azerbaijan
-Grodan - Substrate -Netherlands horticultural equipment, Garden Equipments, garden equipment, park equipments, horticultural equipments, nurseries equipment, nursery equipments, park equipment