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3 Jul 2018 Edition Diane Cardinale Reviewed on 02 Aug 2018 CEO
Scooter prices are too expensive, Most people that requires wheelchair or scooter rentals are on limited income, and why do you charge $15 additional because you’re trying to play it safe and not carry cash so when you use your card you get charge 15 additional dollars… SMH. Spoke to many vendors returning vendors in new vendors and a lot, I stress a lot we’re disappointed that their new areas were basically in hidden corners and had almost 50% less foot traffic. The confusing part two was when a vendor had a center booth you listed, (just throwing out a #)2700 you listed 2700 on all four sides so that when you’re walking down to 2800 row you’re still seeing 2700 whatever side the booth is in should be the sequential number of the road do not put the persons full booth number on all four sides that is very confusing and wastes a lot of time, you know how many times our group had to backtrack because they thought they missed the number. A booth can be listed with more than

5 Jul 2018 Edition Jennifer Summerhill Prislinger Reviewed on 03 Aug 2018 Buyer at Aerowood
My husband and I attended as many seminars as we could fit in and we really enjoyed the presenters. One room was not prepared with a led projector and screen so the presenter had no slide show and, for some reason chose not to use the microphone.

5 Mar 2018 Edition Richie Luu Reviewed on 17 Mar 2018 Import and Export Distributor at Eastwood Housewares Int'l Inc
The ASD week was great and met many buyers. It’s a great pleasure to be in the show and looking forward in August 2018.

5 Jul 2017 Edition Patricia Washington Reviewed on 03 Aug 2017 las vegas at Combined Savings
The workshops were wonderful and appreciate that key workshops were repeated. I thought the staff at the information booths, especial Octavio, were absolutely wonderful. They really made a difference.We are eager to return in March

3 Jul 2017 Edition Suzanne M Smith Reviewed on 04 Aug 2017 florist at Suzanne M Smith Designs
It was an interesting market week. Only thing we found annoying was certain booths grabbing us and trying to apply creams, when we were NOT interested in that product, and just passing by to get to other areas like decor! Not appreciated.

5 Mar 2018 Edition Jum RaOof Sr Reviewed on 20 Mar 2018 Las Vegas at New World Products USA, LLC
It was a good experience for me. I would do it again.

4 Jul 2016 Edition Anne Lucas Reviewed on 05 Aug 2016 Mood Swings Clothing Company
It was my first convention, and there were so many venders to choose from. I am a bit confused by a vender promising to ship product on the last day where it would arrive today. He lied to make a sale! I will not do future business with that vendor

3 Mar 2018 Edition Roberta Pace Reviewed on 15 Mar 2018 Buyer at Paces Salvage
very disappointed the way it was set up. hard to find the people we deal with. .

4 Jul 2018 Edition Wanyama Moses Reviewed on 03 Aug 2018 Executive Director at Focus on Disability and development
Was so educative and with elaborative processionals

4 Mar 2017 Edition Hoang Phan Reviewed on 28 Mar 2017 Owner at Master's Workshop 2
I register 1 month before event but when I coming system not see me and they charge $80 / me and my wife

5 Jul 2018 Edition Heather Reviewed on 02 Aug 2018 CLOTHING/JEWELRY at redford ranch style
Well Organized Easy in Easy Out

1 Mar 2018 Edition TOM BRRUCE Reviewed on 28 Jul 2018 LAS VEGAS at FIELDERS CHOICE

3 Jul 2018 Edition Jerry Feingold Reviewed on 02 Aug 2018 Sporting Goods at Such-A-Deal
Not enough vendors in my category...sporting goods.

5 Jul 2018 Edition Dora Kolkhorst Reviewed on 03 Aug 2018 Co/ Owner - Partner at Hazen and Associates
I enjoyed every aspect of it!

5 Jul 2017 Edition Simran Verma Reviewed on 03 Aug 2017 Business Head at Uv Security
It was really great for my bussines and had a great time .

1 Mar 2017 Edition Lizzy Lahive Reviewed on 28 Mar 2017 Clothing Designer at L.a.llure
Barely anyone showed up/walked it. Also, I specifically asked if it was a good show for my price point and I was assured yes. It was clearly not the show for me. I was also unaware it was separate from capsule, not good. Capsule has a following

5 Jul 2018 Edition Adrian Alfaro Reviewed on 11 Aug 2018 House Manager at Next Step Recovery Home
Lot of good products.

4 Mar 2018 Edition Makram Morkos Reviewed on 20 Mar 2018 Smoke at Super Dream
Is good for my business

4 Mar 2017 Edition Anthea Curtiss Reviewed on 24 Mar 2017 Individual
Very informative... I would definitely attend again!

2 Jul 2018 Edition steve Khemlani Reviewed on 02 Aug 2018 Managing Director at Kaymart Limited
did not find some products i was looking for