25 - 26 Apr 2025
Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, BulgariaGet Directions

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Budget Hotels near Event Venue

Sofia Tech Park, Sofia . With 3+ Ratings
  • $ 33Stivan Iskar Hotel
    Stivan Iskar Hotel
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  • $ 3410 Coins Hostel & tours
    10 Coins Hostel & tours
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  • $ 38Kamigs Rooms
    Kamigs Rooms
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  • $ 39Scotty's Boutique Hotel
    Scotty's Boutique Hotel
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  • $ 39Мотел Тихия кът
    Мотел Тихия кът
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  • $ 40Belle Stelle Sofia
    Belle Stelle Sofia
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Highest Rated Hotels in Event Location

Sofia . Top Rated among Event Delegates
  • $ 71Ruby Red House
    Ruby Red House
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  • $ 538Villa Boyana City & Relax
    Villa Boyana City & Relax
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  • $ 252Impresamente Art Hotel
    Impresamente Art Hotel
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  • $ 123Adella Boutique Hotel - Free Secured Parking
    Adella Boutique Hotel - Free Secured Parking
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  • $ 110Sofia Family House - Free Parking
    Sofia Family House - Free Parking
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  • $ 55Oscar Wilde Apartment
    Oscar Wilde Apartment
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