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5 Jeanne Ratterman Reviewed on 01 Oct 2018 Retired at Retired
It had been a few years since I have attended due to timing, nothing else. It is still very organized, great displays and welcomed warmly by vendors. I enjoyed the 2 lectures I attended. It was a smaller event than the 2-3 years ago when I last attended,but still very quality.

2 Linda Checkal Fromm Reviewed on 02 Oct 2018 CEO at Growth & Prosperity Intl'
attendence was very sparse on Sunday. Vender booths looked inviting and professional, but venders looked and acted stress at lack of attendees.

5 Mar 2017 Edition Charlie Comstock Reviewed on 13 Mar 2017 Owner at Elementals Creative Communications
5 - The meting room in the main area could have been moved to the back where the other 2 meeting rooms were located since it was hard to hear the speakers.

5 Nov 2016 Edition John H Pease Jr Reviewed on 05 Nov 2016 Spiritual Consultant/Facilitator at NorthWestMystical.com
This event was poorly advertised. The only advertisement I saw was on Facebook. No mail or email was sent, even though I went before. No local metaphysical shops knew about it. It was a Halloween weekend (big in Portland), many chose not to go,

2 Mar 2017 Edition Dina Thomas Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017 Individual
I was disappointed with the size of the expo this year. The breakout sessions were noisy hearing the main crowd and the group across the way. I enjoyed the gem show next door. I'm willing to pay more for more vendors and better accommodations.

5 Oct 2016 Edition Lisa Parsons Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 Artist at Politicocolore
Good speakers and I was glad to see some of the people at the booths I had met last year. I connected with some new people and enjoyed the event on the whole very much.

2 Mar 2017 Edition sophie bourgeat Reviewed on 19 Mar 2017 Individual
Wished there had been more informative and free things to do. And not just "vendors"... also, too small... too expensive just to enter and be asked to buy things...

3 Oct 2016 Edition koreen lail Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 Individual
Prior to the conference I couldn't find the list of speakers. The only way I found out about the speakers was through one of the vendors. Also it would have been nice to have other types of vendors like herb stores, schools, etc...

5 Apr 2016 Edition Leonore Libeu Reviewed on 04 Apr 2016 Individual
I loved the experience! Most of the speakers were wonderful. Came home with such a positive attitude. Can't wait for the fall expo.

5 Sep 2016 Edition Stacy Reviewed on 28 Sep 2018 Individual
I loved it. I brought my friends one year and my family the next. Lots of things to do for everyone of every age!!

4 Jacob Black Reviewed on 04 Oct 2018 health wellness at Mr.
Great people.

3 Nov 2016 Edition Sue Kistner Brice Reviewed on 12 Nov 2016 Driver at Rocksolid Community Teen Center
It's very sad it gets smaller every year. The whole convention center should have been full. There are a few booths and events that are worth going to

3 Oct 2017 Edition beaverton Reviewed on 27 Oct 2017 Yoga, Tai Chi, Belly Button Healing Aura Reading, Shoulder Massage at Beaverton Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi
not many vendor and not organized and no food vendor what so ever.

2 Oct 2016 Edition Shanda Rose Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 Truth Pusher at Oranum
I was not impressed with the set up of this expo. Most of the psychics seemed inauthentic with the exception of a few. I was very turned off by the pushy sales tactics and rehearsed script of the stress testing booth.

5 Nov 2016 Edition Leonore Libeu Reviewed on 03 Nov 2016 Individual
I enjoyed the speakers and the booths. Can't wait until the Spring Expo.

5 Mar 2017 Edition Ronnie Lloyd Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017 Individual
It was fun and enlightening.

5 Oct 2016 Edition Molly Lou Jackson Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 Cvt at Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic
Not as many vendors, however great seminars.

5 Nov 2015 Edition Cameron Reviewed on 10 Nov 2015 Individual
I really enjoyed the talks. Especially the highly sensitive people!

5 Oct 2016 Edition Tina Hays Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 Ha at Chrysalis Healing Heart
Awesome as always

5 Nov 2015 Edition Kerri Perisich Reviewed on 09 Nov 2015 Life Coach at Spark
Thank you