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China Clean Expo

List of Exhibitors - China Clean Expo

BoothExhibitor Details
-Ark Industrial Co., LtdIndore, India Painter, Paint Shop, Core Graphic Suit, Winzip, Delivering Technology, Corel DRAW Graphics Suite, Paint Shop Pro X7, PDF Fusion, Textiles to Software
-Shanghai Emate Industrial Co., Ltd.China
-Zhejiang Longbang Plastic Co.,Ltd.China
-Shanghai Howeverjet Technology Co.,Ltd.China
-Wanner Pumps Ltd.China Slurry Pumps, Ansi Centrifugal Pumps, Hydra-Cell Metering Pumps, Hydra-Cell Diaphragm Pumps, Hydra-Cell Metering Accessories, Hydra-Cell Pumps, Hydra-Cell Valves, Vector Peristaltic Pumps, Hydra-Cell Pump & Motor Adapters, Pumps, Valves & Accessories, Hydra- Cell Metering Pumps ...+ show more
-QQE Technology Co., Ltd.China
-Soneil Industry & Trade (Shenzhen) LimitedChina
-Shuojie Green Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Shanghai, China Snap In Aluminum
-Doit D.I.Y.Product Co.,Ltd.Taiwan
-Guangzhou NPP Power Co..Ltd.China
-Albright International Ltd.Newbury, UK Miniature Direct Current Contactor & Solenoid Switches, Emergency Disconnect Switch, Battery Disconnection Switche, Battery Disconnection Switches, D.C Contactors, D.C Contactor
-Yantai Auya Stone Maintenance Co.,Ltd.China
-Jinan E-Shine Electronics Co.,Ltd.China
-Hefei Gaomei Cleaning Equipment Co.,LtdChina
-Finglee Diamond Tools Co.,LtdQuanzhou, China Diamond Blade, Diamond Segment, Diamond Polishing Pad, Diamond Stone Tool
-Fellow Y.C.Kunshan Co.,Ltd.Taipei, Taiwan Vacuum Sweeper, Brushing Machine, Vacuum cleaner, Floor Machine, Ride-On Sweeper, Automatic Battery Chargers, Auto Scrubber, Power Vacuum Sweeper, Ride-On Scrubber, Industrial Sweeper, Carpet Scrubbing Buffer
-TWCLR(Shanghai)Industrial Co.,LtdChina
-Ningbo Intended Valenti Electric Co., Ltd.China
-Escort Seal (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Tianjin BranchChina X-Ring, V-Ring, FEP Encapsulated O-ring, Rubber Oring, Rubber Washer/ Gasket, FFKM, PTFE Back Up Ring, Rubber Cord
-Suzhou Guranmei New Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd.China
-BIESTERFELDHamburg, Germany Agro Chemicals, Butoxy Methyle, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Ureylenediquinolinium Dimethyl Sulfate, Chloroformyl, Propylenedioxy Dipropan Dimethyl, Dibromopropane, Industrial Chemicals, Benzylammonium Chloride, Fertilizers, Trichloroethane, Trichlorotrifluoroethane ...+ show more
-SYR CHINA LTDChina Wiper, Washing Machine, Angle Brush, Docking Station, Tube, Sleeve, Brooms, Telescopic Handle, Angle Adapter, Corn Broom Handle, Filtakleen Medical Leaves Clean Cleaning Water, Long Handled Wringer, Corn Broom, Filtakleen Leaves Clean Cleaning Water, Scrunge Grouting Degreaser, Dual Sleeve, Low Cost Handle, Aluminium Handle, Scrator Brush, Hand Held Snapper, Soft Broom, Colour Code Hand Pails, Ergo Extension Handle, Studloc Extension Handle, Large Bin, Cutout Base & Bungee Strap Space Saver Trolley, Space Saver Double Trolley System, Wet & Flat Mopping System, Handles & Tools Interchange System, Space Saver Trolley, Scrunge Flocculent Leaves Clean Cleaning Water, Swivel Handle, Super Drying Microfibre Cloths, Floor Cleaning Combos, Grout Brush, Corn Broom Kit, Outrigger Tray, Deck Brush, Claw Brush, Hard Broom, Plain Wood Handle ...+ show more
-Dr.K Solutions Pte ltdChina
-Trojan Battery CompanyPhoenix, USA
-WALEX Products Company, INC.China Hardware & Tools - Brush, Foam Gun, PVC Coated Gloves, Eye Wash Station, Exodor Instant Hand Sanitizer, Exodor Deodorant Discs, Exodor Pink Lotion Soap, Stabilized Acid Urinal Cleaner, Exodor Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Plastic Drum Pump, Exodor Porta-Pak Express, Exodor Deodorizer Blocks, Pt-Washdown Super Concentrate, Exodor Pt-50 Supreme, Formaldehyde-Based Liquid Deodorizers, Exodor Disodorizer Plus, Graffiti Remover Spray Can, Best Nitri-Solve Gloves, One Ounce Dispenser, Private Label Instant Hand Sanitizer, Proportional Liquid Injector, Exodor Porta-Pak, Exodor Bulk Containers, Exodor Vacu-Fresh ...+ show more
-Shanghai Microntek Measuring Equipemnt Co.,Ltd.China
-Everstrong Commercial ProductsUK
-Guangzhou Super Clean Machinery Co.,Ltd.China Tilt Container, Lower-noise Ride-on Scrubber Dryer, 175 Multi-Function Floor Brushing Machine SC-002, Plastic Garbage Bin for 100L / 120L / 240L with Foot-Pedal S, Scrubber SC2A, 80L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Squeegee, 60L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Squeegee, Three-in -One Sofa Cleaner, Kimbo 60L Stainless Steel Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Ti, Battery Type Sweeping Machine, 3-Speed hot-air Blower, 154 Multi-Function Floor Brushing Machine, Three-in-One Carpet Cleaning Machine, Hai Light 30L Stainless Steel Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Bins, 10L Mini Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Multifunction 15L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 90L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Squeegee (plastic tank) ...+ show more