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China International Explosion Protection Electric Technology & Equipment Exhibition

List of Exhibitors - China International Explosion Protection Electric Technology & Equipment Exhibition

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-Jiangsu Jiekai Petroleum Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.China
-Jiangsu Daming Metal Products Co., Ltd.China
-Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co.Ltd.China
-Yancheng TEDA Drilling and Production Equipment Co., ltdChina
-Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., LtdChina
-SHANDONG LUHAI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LTDBeijing, China Mud Pump, Tool Joint, Drilling Instrument
-JingBo Petroleum Machinery CO.,LTD.China
-Beijing Wuzhou Yanyang Special Textile Co., Ltd.China
-Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Co.,LtdChina
-Weifang Yatai Petroleum Machinery Co., LtdChina
-Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,LtdChina Hydraulic Power Unit, Hydraulic System, SCADA Systems, Nitrogen Device, Wellhead Valve Control System, Choke Manifold Control System, Wellhead Hydraulic Test System (model: A2012), Down Hole Tool Performance Test Systems, Self-enhancement processing system, Car Hydraulic, Air Tightness Testing System, Pneumatic power unit, Multi-well control panel, Flex Hose Test Stand (model: P1014), Volumetric expansion testing machine (Model: P1013), Pulse Test Stand (model: P1012), Tightness Testing Machine (model: P1024), Hydraulic Cylinder Burst Test Machine (model: P1022), Cylinder valve performance test bed, Gas Lift Valve Comprehensive Test System, Gas Pressurization System (model: G3012 ), Mud Pump Regulator Remote Hydraulic Control System, Pulse (fatigue) testing machine (Model: P1023), Tightness test stand (Model: P3014), Down Hole Safety Valve Comprehensive Test System, Life Testing Machine (model: P1033), Ground pressure control system, Wellhead Gas Seal Test System (model: A2013), Pr2 Performance Test System, V ...+ show more
-Fangzheng Valve Group Co., LtdWenzhou, China Butterfly Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Plug Valve, MUD VALVE, API 6A GATE VALVE
-TIANJIN TONG JIE HIGH PRESSURE PUMP MANUFACTURING CO., LTDTianjin, China Filter Press, Spray Gun, Powder Metallurgy, Water Jet Cutting, D SZ Pump, Low Pressure Grouting Pump, Water Longmen Type Operating Platform, BRW Emulsion Pump, Cold Descaling Pump, High Voltage Direct Drive Generator, Spunlace non woven fabric, BZW Hydraulic Cutting Pump, Profile Control Pump, Water CNC system, Water Selection System, Coiled Tubing Perforating System, High Pressure Grouting Pump, Automatic Injection System, Tjclb High Pressure Descaling Pump, Water Ultra High Voltage Generator, Polymer Injection Pump, High Pressure Pump Division, Techno Expandable Tubularlogy of Power System, Wall Backfill Slurry Pump, Constant Pressure Water Supply, Water cantilever platform, Water Injection Pump, BPW Spray Pump, Diesel Engine Underground Drainage Unit, BZW Coal Seam Water Injection, High Pressure Water Coal Gas Detection Equipment ...+ show more
-GWE TianShui 213 Electrical Apparatus CO.LTDTianshui, China Ac Contactor, Mcb, Electronic Overload Relay, MCCB, Thermal Overload Relay, Pneumatic time-delay, DC contactor, Mcb Switches, ACB, Wired Cabinet, Contactor relay, Acb Switches, Pneumatic Time- Delay, AC Contact
-Raylens Technology Ltd.China
-Taizhou Deruite Petroleum Machinery Co.,LtdChina
-FeiHu Pipeline Technical Equipment Co,. Ltd.Xinyu, China Drilling Machine, Plugging Machine, Suspended Plugging Machine FD, Hot Tapping Machine, Tapping Adapter, Sandwich Valve, Wafer Valve-SV300, Hot Tapping Machine K75A, Plugging Adapter, K75 Manual Drilling Machine ...+ show more
-Weifang Subtor Rotating Precision Machinery co.,Ltd.China
- Beijing Oriental New Power Electrical And Machinery Equipment ..China
-Dalian ACTECH Inc.China
-Zhejing Precision Instrument Co., LtdJinchang, China Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Recorder, Hand Pumps, Rubber Diaphragm, Wire Line Weight Indicator System, 16-Inch Weight Indicator, Check Valve And Connectors, Yk Sereis Mud Pump Gauge, Single Line Pressure System, Rotating Viscometer, FS Weight Indicator, Sandline Depthometer, Midget Weight Inidcator System, Midget Weight Indicator System, 6-Inch,8.5-Inch Weight Indicator, Clipper Weight Indicator, Normal Pressure Gauge, Homogenized Pressure Gauge, Tong Torue System, Wireline Weight Indicator System, Deadline Anchor Weight Indicator, Bulk Tank Weight Indicator System, Rotary Torque Sensor, Electronic Pressure Sensor, Type D Mud Pump Pressure Gauge, Flow Out Sensor, Electronic Meter, Dual Pointer Pressure System, Mud Filter Press, Tong Line Pull System, Type C Weight Indicator, Tong Torque System, Unitized Mud Pressure Gauge, Type F Mud Pump Pressure Gauge, Flanged Pressure Gauge, Electronic Load Cell, SF6 Density Monitor, Marsh Viscometer ...+ show more
-HUMMEL Connector Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China Control Panels, Controls, System Solutions, Circular Connector, Temperature Controller, Cable Assembly, Chargers, industrial cable glands, Touch System, Special Parts, Technology Center, Ex-industrial Cable Glands, Material Surcharges, Housing Configurator, Corrugated Pipe System, Heating Accessories, Industrial Housing, Senso-Star, Supplier Application, Solar Thermie, Heavy-duty Cable Glands ...+ show more
-Zhejiang Fangdun Instrument Valve Co.,Ltd.China
-Qingdao Hyster Petroleum Equipment Co.,LtdChina
-Henan Changjiang Petroleum Machinery Co.,LtdChina
-Zhejiang chuangxiang Energy conservation technology