6th Edition Trade Show

China Homelife India

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4.3 Variety of Products
5.0 Quality of Participants
4.0 Display & Presentation
5.0 Networking Opportunity
5.0 Quality of Products
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4.0 Communication
5.0 Registration Process
5.0 Staff Helpfulness

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5 Dec 2017 Edition japsons18 Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Proprietor at Djap & Arniks
5 only thing was they refussed me free coffee n snacks ad was told that this is not allowed so we paid with my clients n uber was bad but pls keep me informed for all exhibition in bombay n tiripur in I m general exporter of all items n will attend

5 Dec 2017 Edition nishant products Reviewed on 13 Dec 2017 Owner at Nishant Products
Hi RubyI have visited it was good experience stil would like u to suggest we require sample from stall but there is no provision to take samples out side the gate ? How could we order the representative company with out showing the samples

5 Dec 2017 Edition Rahul Runwal Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Director at Utkarsh Cement Sales
Great event. Very well organised. All the vendors were very great with very innovative and best products. Felt very worthy and useful to attend the event all the way from aurangabad. Like to attend next time to....

4 Dec 2017 Edition Sandeep Gupta Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Ceo at Skg Enterprises
The exit was in hall no. 5 while car parking was on other side after hall 7a. So it was very inconvenient to return to parked vehicle. And there was no information that exit would not be permitted through Hall 7a. So had to go back to hall 5 for exit

4 Dec 2017 Edition Vijay Tejwani Reviewed on 21 Dec 2017 Proprietor at Srima Electricals
The last day I visited the exhibition it was hopeless the hall was empty Chinese people were busy selling there products many had sold of the products stalls empty This is not at all acceptable.This type of theirs behaviour should not be allowed

4 Dec 2017 Edition Sobhraj Thakker Reviewed on 09 Dec 2017 CEO at APNA WORLDWIDE (Investment & Finance)
Excellent Services and follow-up due to yours VIP Status to me but here I have to add that the facilities / offer were not followed at the maximum as snacks vocher were never given. Though it did not mattered as we don't go there for eating.

5 May 2017 Edition Punit palecha Reviewed on 27 May 2018 Proprietor at Vishwakarma traders
The exhibition arranged by you was very interesting.The concepts which where given out by you eas unbelievable .Thankyou for arranging this valuable event.😍

5 Dec 2017 Edition Manoj Bhise Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Manager at Enpower Tekniks
Only inconvenience was bags were not allowed inside, and this was not told earlier.Had lot of trouble for depositing as well as getting back the bags.

5 Dec 2017 Edition ken3manu Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Proprietor at Ken Kreations
It was nice show, but hope it can be bigger and not just 3 days, gifts section was too too small, next time you should plan to get more gift factories

5 Dec 2017 Edition Shekhar R Iyer Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Proprietor at Iyers International Traders
Some of the Chinese ladies manning the electronic counter were thoroughly unprofessional and rude. Also there should be facilities for ATM machines

3 Dec 2017 Edition mklbalu Reviewed on 12 Dec 2017 Proprietor &CEO at Abte Electronics, Babay Moon Enterprises LLP
Failed to found good quality products for import . . No innovative products. WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.meeting and Matching team group helpful.We want quality products manufacturesStall NUMBERING was excellent with Information brochure

3 Dec 2017 Edition Lisa Reddy Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Director at Flamboyant
Showed the SMS I had received at the registration & was informed that “ there is no registration “ ??? . Email from Naved Siddique said collect special badge for meeting & I was told there was none ??? Otherwise the exhibition was good

5 Dec 2017 Edition AJAY SHARMA Reviewed on 15 Dec 2017 Owner at Papa Travels
event is like good but machinery display is only row glasses manufacture an other only show browser and china home show like is hoch poch show

5 Dec 2017 Edition Gurdeep soni Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Managing Director at Soni realestate
It was awsume just the guys there were very irrespective bcoz they didn't gave us to visit the vip lounge for complimentary snacks etc

5 Dec 2017 Edition albert noguera Reviewed on 08 Dec 2017 Salesl Manager at James Walker Inmarco Industries Private Limited
good but to keep on friday saturday and sunday instead of the working day it is very difficult to come leaving the work.

5 Dec 2016 Edition Subhash K Reviewed on 21 Dec 2016 Purchasing Manager at Teknokrats
Keeping the luggage at your luggage counter was a inconvenience Time given was till 6 pm but the lights were switched off at 5 pm and carpets were also removed on the 15thThe exhibition should include a sat/sun as it makes it convenient to attend

5 Dec 2016 Edition Charlie Dsouza Reviewed on 16 Dec 2016 Proprietor at Charlie Electric Stores
Amazing, it was just fabulous. I feel so bad, I could not attend on 13th or 14th due some unavoidable work. I was reached too late when all in are hurry to winding up. but, next time i will be their on 1st day.Hope you will be invite me in future.

5 Dec 2016 Edition Anand Upalekar Reviewed on 16 Dec 2016 CEO at Anand Upalekar & Associates
I attended on 13th Dec. The Show was exquisite. Products were excellent but the minimum quantities were beyond the scope of a retail purchaser.We could see only 20% show in one day. Entire show would need about 3 days.Best Wishes.

4 Jan 2017 Edition jay.myideas Reviewed on 20 Jan 2018 Owner at MY IDEAS
Improper arrangement. Security guards doesnt even know how to speak to business people while entrance Big kiosk at entrance.

2 Dec 2017 Edition Maheshlaguduva Reviewed on 11 Dec 2017 CEO at Everest International Marketing
Security was uneducated on samples. They did not allow to take samples on 2nd day and asked to come on last day to collect it. It was conveyed to them that it Cost upto Rs. 4000 to get samples on courier from China. Even then they refused to take.