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China Fruit & Vegetable Trade Fair

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3 Lisa Reviewed on 20 Nov 2018 Sales Manager at TMS Trading
  • Wifi
No wifi during the exhibition. The exhibitor quantity is little, under expectation. The visitors are old men and women who have free time visiting

4 ssekikubo fred kafeero Reviewed on 19 Nov 2018 farmer at pokino multipurpose group
beijing city is a very good city every one needs to visit.

5 Oct 2016 Edition Peter Prinsloo Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 Manager at Zz2
Super rating of 5It was a great opportunity to meet the drivers of the Industry in China.Privilege to meet the AQSIQ delegation.

5 Oct 2016 Edition BESS BLANKSON Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 Ceo at Anointed Pillars Association
the fruit and vegetable trade fair was more exiting and hope to attend the next fair if i am invitined

5 Nov 2017 Edition Friets Tjahyadi Reviewed on 09 Nov 2017 Distributor at PT. DANDA FRUITS STORAGE
We hope to visit again next year.Very interesting.

3 Oct 2016 Edition Choo Chen Ching Reviewed on 13 Nov 2016 Category Manager at Giant Singapore
I expected more supplier to interact than the existing.thanks

1 Oct 2016 Edition Robert Budianto Reviewed on 08 Nov 2016 Ceo at Java Fresh
i didnt meet any prospective client at all in this fair.. just too few participants, unlike the fruit logistica in hk or ifresh in shanghai.. never going back here!

5 Nov 2017 Edition david Reviewed on 09 Nov 2017 Managing Director at Cityservices Associated Enterprises Limited
thank u

5 Sep 2015 Edition Arona Cisse Reviewed on 21 Sep 2015 Manager at Trans Negocios Afrique
very good thank you

5 Sep 2015 Edition Akaya Reviewed on 12 Sep 2015 Ceo at Deal And Consulting

5 Nov 2017 Edition iqbal.qavi Reviewed on 09 Nov 2017 Import Manager at Qawmi Storai Ltd.

5 Nov 2017 Edition ASHOK CHAMARIA Reviewed on 06 Nov 2017 Director at Anand Enterprises

1 Sep 2015 Edition tawfiq talat alkhalidi Reviewed on 16 Aug 2017 Jordan at Tulip For Foodstuff Trading Company

2 Oct 2016 Edition sujith kumar Reviewed on 23 May 2017 Trade fair Consultant-Business Tours at Tibro Tours Private Limited

2 Oct 2016 Edition Ikram Ul Haq Reviewed on 08 Nov 2016 Electrician at Multi International Pvt Limited

3 Oct 2016 Edition John Moore Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 Marketing Director at Summerfruit Australia Ltd

4 Oct 2016 Edition Philip Pyke Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 Business Development Manager at Fruit Growers Tasmania

2 Oct 2016 Edition Chris Tannous Reviewed on 03 Nov 2016 Chemical Engineer at Self Employed

5 Oct 2016 Edition Rakesh Kumar Raj Reviewed on 03 Nov 2016 Accountant at Waiqele Sawmill Limited

5 Oct 2016 Edition david Reviewed on 02 Nov 2016 Managing Director at Cityservices Associated Enterprises Limited