33rd Edition  Trade Show

International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber Industries

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Booth# 10.1A01

King Ultrasonic Co., Ltd

New Taipei, Taiwan New Exhibitor
Booth# 5.1A65

Kiefel Packaging Gmbh

Booth# 5.1A65

Kiefel Packaging B.V.

Booth# 5.1A65

Kiefel Automotive S.R.O.

Booth# 10.3M75

Kerem Plastik Elek. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Istanbul, Turkey New Exhibitor
Booth# 4.2K31

Kent Engineering Co., Ltd

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 9.2J05

Kennametal Conforma Clad

Belleville, Canada
Booth# 3.2L71

Keller Environmental Equipment China Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China New Exhibitor
Booth# 11.3M49

Kela Material

Booth# 9.1M11

Keewa Industries Corporation

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 5.2L05

Keeprecision Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 1.1K21

Kebeln Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 13.2J15

Kd Chem Co., Ltd.

South Korea
Booth# 10.3R51

Kaneka Tradingshanghaico., Ltd

Shanghai, China
Booth# 10.1K73

Kaiping Zhi Ke Xing Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2A21

Kai Ping Akei Plastic-Machine And Mould Factory

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 10.3B81

Kadide Plastics Technology Co., Ltd

China New Exhibitor
Booth# 13.2R51

Junhua Chinapeek.Com

Changzhou, China New Exhibitor
Booth# 3.1R11

Jufeng Plastic Media

Guangzhou, China New Exhibitor
Booth# 6.1T21

Ju Ding Machineryshanghaico., Ltd.

Shanghai, China
Booth# 4.2E41

Jt Mold Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 13.2A53

Jsr Corporation

Shanghai, China
Booth# 5.1C41Kautex Maschinenbau Gmbh

Kautex Maschinenbau Gmbh

Bonn, Germany New Exhibitor
Booth# 8.1Ac28

Kant Plastology

Ahmedabad, India New Exhibitor
Booth# 10.3R51

Kaneka Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China New Exhibitor
Booth# 4.2M69

Kaiser Precision Manufacturing Dongguan Co.Ltd

Dongguan, China New Exhibitor
Booth# 9.2B44

K Industries Gmbh

Austria New Exhibitor
Booth# 1.1F01

Jwell Machinery Changzhou Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.3C25

Jump Technology Inc.

Shanghai, China
Booth# 10.1S11

Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taichung, Taiwan New Exhibitor