21st Edition Trade Show

China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition

24 - 26 Feb 2020 Add To Calendar
Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China

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Booth# N5H58

Taiyuan Meibang Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

2 people are interested in this exhibitor

Booth# N7C01

Taicang Changjiang Chemical Plant

2 people are interested in this exhibitor

Booth# E7H40

Tai'an Dongli Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

2 people are interested in this exhibitor

Booth# N3F200


2 people are interested in this exhibitor

Booth# N8A11

Jiangsu Siweibo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Booth# E7G57.59

Suzhou Xingyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth# N4D53

Suzhou Haifeng Trading Co., Ltd.

Booth# N6G06

Suzhou Rongyida Chemical Co., Ltd.

Booth# N6C32

Suzhou Run Houxiao New Material Co., Ltd.

Booth# N6C26

Suzhou Namet Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N4A15

Suzhou Liansheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Booth# N2H18

Suzhou Kaiyuan Minsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# E7K00

Suzhou Jinyuansheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Taicang Jinxi Crushing Equipment Co.,

Booth# E7K51

Suzhou Jinsheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N2A09

Suzhou Tianyuan Ruihe Chemical Co., Ltd.

Booth# N3C56

Xuan Yun International Trade & Flying Chemical

Booth# N3D67

Suzhou Fengbi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N2G15

Suzhou Hengfa Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Booth# N6G01

Suzhou Yibo Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Booth# N3A11,12

Suzhou Yigao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Booth# E7C09

Suzhou Duohongwei Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Booth# N4M03

Suzhou Dora Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N7C11

Suzhou Dujing Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N7D10

Suzhou Aikeer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# N3C21


Booth# N3F115

Sunrise Agro Industries

Booth# N7A06


Booth# N3F041


Booth# N3F240

Sun Bio Naturals (INDIA) Pvt LTD.

Booth# N3F00