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4 Shaun Williams Reviewed Oaks Holiday Gun Show on 04 Apr 2019 carpenter at senior services
It would be a real help if you didn't close down at 6p.m. on Saturday, it didn't leave enough time to visit all the vendor spots. I'm 2 1/2 hours away, and the travel time in the morning made it tough to get there earlier. 8 p.m. would still be a reasonable closing time for most.I enjoyed the visit, and learned more about what's out in the market.However, some vendors were a little high pressure, and had prices that were less than honestly derived at. In particular a non-firearm related product had a sales rep that I discovered too late lied about his product, and it was difficult to find this out while still at the show. I was a fool to accept his word on the product, and found out when I arrived home that his representation was fraudulent. Buyer beware, I know, so I accept the responsibility. I understand the organizers of the event can't be expected to vet the people who paid to have a sales spot at the show. A pricey lesson learned, by a gent who ought to have known better (me).

5 Bryon Marshall Reviewed Oaks Holiday Gun Show on 25 Mar 2019 Attorney at Law at self employed
My experience has been that the vendors are well informed on the law as between the various neighboring states. Most are careful to state/preface their information with check with ... but the collective knowledge and practical insight is very helpful.

4 michael maccoll Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 26 Mar 2019 RETIRED at N/A
It was nice to see all the people selling all that stuff older guns to ar parts it was a great time nice sized venue. not terrabily packed you could look and walk and when you could find a seat take a break then look some more. hope to have more information the next time i go .

5 Robert Evans Reviewed Oaks Holiday Gun Show on 01 Mar 2019 Operator at N/A
Make sure when you go to check all the way in the back corner of the usually have a guest speaker book signing another great things going on

5 Matthew Procopio Reviewed Oaks Holiday Gun Show on 12 Feb 2019 Customer Service Executive at Comcast Corp
Would have been nice to know where the gun show front door was located at such a big facility

3 Derek Gonsalves Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 09 Oct 2018
Was disappointed in selection, saw very few new products, and gun prices are way more cheaper online. Was told by many dealers there that items were hard to come by but were clearly available online. Sales pressure. But i did not budge. Theres always December. Oh and I did purchase the items I wanted online at cheaper prices. So as much as $90 cheaper.

4 Christophe H Danheux Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 13 Feb 2018
Being a relative novice to firearms, I found the breadth of what was on display to see and buy to be very interesting.Being able to compare gun sizes, and handle them was very positive. Lots of vintage guns available too. Mostly friendly crowd.

5 Robert Evans Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 22 Dec 2018 Operator at N/A
Just such a variety of items, most likely if one of the venders does not carry or have on hand what you are looking for they will get it for you or direct you to where you can find it👍🏼

4 clifford flynn Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 07 Aug 2018
Good event. Many vendors. A lot of difference in payment fees when using credit cards among the vendors. . That was a determining factor in my purchase. Had too take that into account in my purchasing power. Good event

5 N Schwartz Reviewed Oaks Gun Show on 08 Oct 2018
Second event I visited - absolutely huge - wear your walking shoes. So much to look at, walked for over 3 1/2 hours and could have spent another 2 or 3 easily. Nice set up.