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Guangzhou HuaXin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Room 8417, Level 4, Fengshi Trade Building, No. 1023, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou CityGuangzhou China
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Guangzhou huaxin exhibition co., LTD. Is a company committed to the professional exhibitions, meetings and product promotion organization, the company team has a wealth of experience and strength.Company involved in household appliances, furniture accessories exhibition, maternal and child series exhibition;Food, beverage and other fields.Including household appliances accessories exhibition has become a domestic leading professional exhibitions, exchange attracted a large number of exhibitors and buyers from home and abroad to negotiate and purchasing.Company based on the characteristics of all kinds of exhibition, professional exhibition activities, exhibition, audience, businesses, products organic together, realize effective exhibition, an exhibition, many benefits;At the same time, by publishing huaxin exhibition catalogue site and building industry, the exhibition extends to the media in the form of publishing and Internet online services and other fields to make industry media platform.Meanwhile, combination with guangzhou mandarin media company, together with 2018 international (guangzhou) small home appliance and kitchen appliances exhibition, help the exhibitors to see trends, looking for new products, find business opportunities and business partners.Huaxin exhibition seize the Canton fair, geographical and human conditions at present, bring considerable traffic for exhibitors, watching to the trend of the development of the small home appliance industry, find business opportunities for the development of the company. Huaxin exhibition company innovation do great things, down-to-earth do the practical work, with a positive attitude, treat customers.The spirit of "innovation, pragmatic" constantly motivate employees to complete each work, at the same time, this spirit also penetration in the staff of life.Aim is for the development of the company through the exhibition platform to promote each other, common development, sharing socialist reform and development results.

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