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Norfolk House,East Entrance Suite 1.28,499 Silbury Boulevard; Buckinghamshire,MK9 2AHMilton Keynes UK
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The Intelligence Sec Limited is a premier and leading trade fair and event organizers located in the city of Milton Keynes, UK. The organization has produced a number of successful conferences, seminars, events and educational programs in and outside the region with the help of their dedicated and experienced technical committee. They are committed to hold topical events for the security industry as it is a fully integrated Conferences and Exhibitions Company. Their organized programs are counted by the professionals as they are well researched and discussed with industry experts. Their programs also provide rich networking opportunities to make sure attendees have the chance to speak with industry experts alike.

Upcoming Events

  • Birmingham

    CBRNe Summit Europe

    09-11 Apr 2019

    The CBRNe Summit Europe provides the attendees with the opportunity to analyze the CBRNe threats faced by the United Kingdom, review European Military CBRNe capabilities, understand first responder techniques...

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  • Munich

    Defence Satellites

    15-16 May 2019

    The Defence Satellites will discuss the importance of space situational awareness and the issues that can arise with space debris with more small satellites being launched and it will provides an opportunity...

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  • Prishtina

    Demining Seminar

    11-12 Jun 2019

    Demining Seminar will bring together leading officials who are working on mine clearance in Kosovo as well as across the Balkans. You will hear in-depth presentations and case studies from regional Mine...

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Past Events

  • Bangkok

    Cyber Intelligence Asia

    27-28 Feb 2019

    Cybercrimes are still a common occurrence globally and many governments are now paying special attention to protecting their critical infrastructures. Other industries are also improving their cyber security...

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  • Singapore

    Satellite Technology Asia

    09-11 Oct 2018

    Satellite Technology Asia will look into the use of satellites by Asian nations and the developments being made to satellites. As well as looking into the civil use of satellites the event will also look...

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  • Amsterdam

    Cyber Intelligence Europe

    05-06 Sep 2018

    Cyber Intelligence Europe will provide in-depth presentations from leading government officials who create the cyber security strategies and policies for their nation. You will also hear case studies of...

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  • Paris
  • Rome

    CBRNe Summit Europe

    17-19 Apr 2018

    Our 5th annual CBRNe Summit Europe conference and exhibition will be heading back to Rome, Italy where we will be evaluating the developments in CBRNe capabilities across Europe. The threat of CBRNe attacks...

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  • Singapore
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