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Rusty Barn Promotion Group Inc. is a premier trade fair organizer based in Salt Lake City, Utah in USA. The organization was established in the year 1995. The President of the organization is Chris Butler and he is assisted by Vice President Eric Spillett. The skilled management team of the organization has far reaching experience in the field of trade fair marketing and endorsement. The management team of the organization is in constant touch with their clients while hosting a show and provides them with holistic service. One of the upcoming events that will be hosted by them is the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver in the month of July. It is a target oriented and resourceful event that will showcase the latest fabrics, embroidery, sewing and quilting techniques and creative workshops mentored by the best teachers.

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FLAGSHIP EVENTQuilt Craft And Sewing Festival Phoenix
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POPULARQuilt Craft And Sewing Feastival Tucson
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5 Denise Bender Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Phoenix on 04 Feb 2019 Individual quilter at Bender Beverage
For people using adaptive equipment, there was plenty of room to move around. I came the second day and will from here on out. The crowds were manageable from my vantage point....a walker. My sister broke her ankle a month ago and she’s using a knee scooter. She was able to get around. We came early and got a go parking spot, which helped. The “supportive staff” were very kind. It’s always great to see familiar vendors. We missed the “Kai Scissors” booth. That’s one we were looking for. Thank you for making it such a pleasurable event.

5 Anita Owen Reviewed Quilt Craft & Sewing Festival Boise on 12 May 2019 Business Development Manager at Bed of Roses Machine Quilting
Loved visiting with vendors and seeing new products and techniques. I have been to all three of the Boise events and I am already looking forward to next year.

5 Patricia Darrall Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Albuquerque on 19 May 2019
Great venue to see lots of fabric and get to know some of our local places to shop. Also find new things from out of state vendors

5 Gabrielle Schmidt Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Denver on 24 Mar 2019 Owner at Especially For You ,Too!
Loved the ladies at the Doll Guild. They were great, shared their thoughts and talents. Am thinking of joining their group.

4 Le Ann Castro Reviewed Quilt, Craft And Sewing Festival Sacramento on 17 Mar 2019 Owner at Designs From The Mind
Nice to have large selection of fabrics.But shop around vendors have same fabric, so shop till you find best buy.I found .50 to 1.00 cheaper. : )

5 Lila Reed Reviewed Quilt Craft & Sewing Festival Boise on 16 May 2019
New tools, loved the classes, would like to have more at a reasonable price. Loved the variety and friendly vendors.

4 Patricia Pinckard Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Phoenix on 04 Feb 2019 602-859-0541 at None
It was very crowded in the morning. Afternoon was better. People with wheeled carts were annoying.

5 Sue Carey Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Phoenix on 07 Feb 2019
Parking was a headache. Spent over an hour waiting to get into the parking Lot.

1 Barbara Ann Scott Odoms Reviewed Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festivals Portland on 15 Apr 2019 Owner at Annie's Bath & Boudoir
The costs of parking and entry far exceeded the show itself. There was hardly anything having to do with crafts. If you like quilting, it is likely the show for you, even though the number of actual vendors was disappointing. This may not be a fair assessment, as I am not quilting, but the Craft part of the event title was, IMHO, lacking. Especially for what it cost to attend the event.

5 Kim Reviewed Quilt Craft And Sewing Festival Phoenix on 31 Jan 2018 Program Manager at Ohio Aerospace Institute
the classes I experienced didn’t start on time. Not enough chairs, no sound equipment. Hard to see the screen because of the light through the window. Some vendors had trouble with their credit card machine. Not enough food vendors.