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TAGNAUE MEDIA CONCEPTS is a business intelligence company. We design a platform that generates new business opportunities and business solution to our clients, we use innovative methods of entertaining and business through research and analysis to create Exhibitions, forums, summits, conferences and so on. All of the corporate or business events conducted by us are conceived on creative aspect, strategically planned and well executed. The ambience, design and other similar minute details of corporate or business events conducted by us are impeccable. We focus on not just organizing a gathering rather we endeavor to create a successful convergence of people to achieve a result which not only meets all the expectations of our clients but also surpasses them

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  • Bengaluru

    Tech Healthcare Summit (THCS)

    28 Apr 2017

    The Tech healthcare summit revolves around the central theme of healthcare and technology. It aims to envisioning and analyze the future trends and strategies relating to healthcare IT. It will be an...

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