10 Sep 2024
Politecnico di Milano, Milan, ItalyGet Directions
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Politecnico di Milano, Milan . With 3+ Ratings
  • $ 75Hotel Gambara
    Hotel Gambara
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  • $ 79Residenza Villa Regina
    Residenza Villa Regina
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  • $ 79Residence Luna di Monza
    Residence Luna di Monza
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  • $ 86Hotel Bonola
    Hotel Bonola
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  • $ 86Hotel Del Sole
    Hotel Del Sole
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  • $ 86iH Hotels Milano Blu Visconti
    iH Hotels Milano Blu Visconti
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Highest Rated Hotels in Event Location

Milan . Top Rated among Event Delegates
  • $ 283Milano Apartments Lombardini 1
    Milano Apartments Lombardini 1
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  • $ 325Villa Gio's
    Villa Gio's
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  • $ 430INTOMILAN I Design Apartment Galleria Del Corso
    INTOMILAN I Design Apartment Galleria Del Corso
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  • $ 130Al Suite
    Al Suite
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  • $ 458Casa Brivio
    Casa Brivio
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  • $ 124Villa Rosina
    Villa Rosina
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