14 Jan 2021  • 

Quantum Machines Seminar by Yuta Michimura on Optical levitation of a mirror for probing macroscopic quantum mechanics


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14 Jan 2021


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To experimentally answer this question, there have been extensive studies to measure the position of mechanical oscillators in the quantum regime .. Read more using optical cavities. The Michimura group has been working on such experiments using suspended milligram scale mirrors, and most of the effort is focused on reducing the thermal noise by reducing the mechanical dissipation of the suspension. An alternative way to reduce thermal noise is optical levitation of a mirror. In this talk, A/Prof Michimura will describe the principles of their levitation method and the status of their experiment. The fabrication of milligram scale mirror has been one of the main challenges for realizing the optical levitation. A/Prof Michimura ia an assistant professor at the Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, since 2014. His work also involves various searches for new physics with laser interferometry, such as dark matter searches and tests of quantum mechanics at macroscopic scales.

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