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Internet voting do the challenges outweigh the benefits?


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The presentation is aimed at sensitizing graduating technicians and engineers, those about to graduate, those seeking employment in industry and .. Read more recently employed as to management perspective of their role, ability to use their imaginative and technical skills in solving technical problems, attitude and teamwork, safety practices and all the necessary aspects necessary for advancement and promotion. The threat of cyber-attacks on industrial control systems is a reality that no company can ignore. These attacks not only have the potential to cause massive financial damages and loss of production downtime but can have dangerous implications for the whole industry. The debate around internet voting in the UK has been ongoing for years, with campaigners for and against discussing the benefits and challenges presented. Mike Frain CEng FIET MCMI will offer ten good reasons on why anyone responsible for the design of electrical networks or, for putting people to work on electrical systems, should be aware of arc flash calculations. Looking at the way in which James Watt’s original designed steam engine was altered to become what is known today as ‘The Cornish Beam Engine’. Also looking at the difference the next generation of Thermodynamic engineers such as Richard Trevithick developed what was to be known today as the Cornish Beam engine.

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