29th Edition Trade Show

East China Fair

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5 Mar 2018 Edition Alexander Kwan Reviewed on 08 Mar 2018 Sourcer at Coppel
The only inconvenience I had was to change my 10times badge for an East China Fair badge.The fair is worth it. Was able to find the suppliers we were looking for.

5 Mar 2017 Edition belinda kadmiri Reviewed on 06 Mar 2017 Guangzhou at Belma Furniture
Great variety of furniture great suppliers and chinese people vety accomodating and friendly they truly go out of their wsy to assist even when theres a language barrier they try their best to accommodate the buyers needs

5 Mar 2017 Edition Krishna chandra Ray Reviewed on 06 Mar 2017 Proprietor at Nitika interlining
Dear sir, First time I want to visit china for business purpose and import purpose of Interlining and fusiable items as well as also water soluable

4 Mar 2018 Edition Danail Iskrov Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 Individual
Not a bad exhibition, found some good products, but many were repeated as well

5 Mar 2018 Edition Jennifer Patton Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 China Sourcing at Coppel Corporation
It was a good experience. Met interesting vendors.

2 Mar 2017 Edition Ned Horsey Reviewed on 07 Mar 2017 Supply Chain Manager at Transpak
Quite poor supplier options. It's like every year a message goes out and every chinese supplier decides to produce exactly the same crap item that no one wants. And they all do it. Good lord. Will even 20% of those factories be open in a year?

5 Mar 2017 Edition Md. Mostafiz Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017 Owner at Greenmark International
it's a very good visit for me i think it was more experience for future business.many thanks

4 Mar 2018 Edition Harry Cho Reviewed on 09 Mar 2018 Jewellery Distributor at Yeno Trading
It was good but I can not find my items from there

5 Mar 2018 Edition John Mars Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 President & CEO at John Mars Marketing Inc., Chicago Sports Hall Of Fame & YES TO VETS
Excellent...met many new friends!

4 Mar 2018 Edition WIDODO Reviewed on 08 Mar 2018 Owner at PT. Senwell Dwi
More Companies for the next exhibition

5 Mar 2018 Edition Saeedreza Hashemi Reviewed on 06 Mar 2018 General Manager at Noor Hadid Trading Co.,
Useful fair for my business.

5 Mar 2017 Edition HARRIET KABWE Reviewed on 06 Mar 2017 Director at Eastern Commodities and Suppliers
It was interesting and looking forward to attend another one

4 Mar 2018 Edition GHAZI & ROULA ROMANOS Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 Retailer at Mille Article
Need make it bigger and bigger

5 Mar 2018 Edition sultan Reviewed on 08 Mar 2018 Businessman at Real estate and software development company
exellent well organized

2 Mar 2017 Edition kisanagrovet Reviewed on 09 Mar 2017 Individual
CAC is loosing out year by year, more traders than manufacturers, this year I understand the footfall was just remained 50%

5 Mar 2016 Edition Krishna Das Sarkar Reviewed on 08 Mar 2016 Propaitor at Krishna Garments
i want to participate in this program. recent i do the china chengdu trade fair 2016

3 Mar 2018 Edition Marc Alday Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 Buyer at Revimport S.a.s.
I’ll come next year for sure

4 Mar 2018 Edition LeneDaniel Kristensen Reviewed on 05 Mar 2018 Shanghai at Denasia Joint Venture ApS
it was a good fair.

5 Mar 2017 Edition Mohamed Mansoor Arabi Reviewed on 09 Mar 2017 Director - Sales and Commercial at Akma Leathers
It was indeed a good experience

5 Mar 2017 Edition A.T.M Fazlul Hoque Bhuiyan Reviewed on 09 Mar 2017 Individual
Hope to see better then before.