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International Gem & Jewelry Show-Chicago

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4.3 Quality of Participants
4.5 Exhibitors & Vendors
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3.7 Display & Presentation
5.0 Quality of Products
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5 May 2018 Edition Carlotta Sheppard Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Rosemont at Jewelry By Carlotta
The Perfect Gem and D& C International had the best quality beads and findings. I have been searching for wire quardian to better secure a necklace. Finally found it from Silver-Dash company. Got their business card and will order items from them. Had a great time. Will return in August.

5 Aug 2018 Edition Carlotta Sheppard Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018 Rosemont at Jewelry By Carlotta
Bought 20 strands of beads for $40 if you do so free gift 3 extra strands bought 3 additional strands $46.00 . Next vendor bought 6 strands of Jade 2 Jade pendants 4 strands of Lapis total strands 32 bought silver wire guardian. Total cost is about $92.00

5 May 2018 Edition Kathy Maros Reviewed on 22 Jun 2018 Consultant at Kathy's Consulting
I love going to the shows. I do wish the main aisles are wider and while inside the booths, those aisles should be wider too. I was always bumping into other shoppers while trying to walk or making selections.

5 May 2018 Edition bashanna Reviewed on 11 May 2018 Owner at Beri's Bling & Things
I found some unusual beads that I was looking for However, do you have any bead sellers that are not from China?? They will have more unusual beads for me.

3 Aug 2018 Edition Lally Codriansky Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018 Individual
The best event for me so far was last year's at Rosemont, late spring- early summer, the vendors had much better quality products, so, the quality was lacking in my estimation

5 May 2018 Edition Valerie J Whittington Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Designer at Esi's Purple World
I had a wonderful time and was able to find exactly what I was looking for. and more then I was supposed to.

5 May 2017 Edition TONI ANITA GRAY Reviewed on 10 May 2017 Chicago at GrayGirlGalleria/TAGart/
Good but way smaller than previous years maybe you should lower your attendees fees and allow small businesses to participate this would expand the shoe and introducing new products and jewelry products and businesses

5 Dec 2018 Edition Kathy suyko Reviewed on 14 Dec 2018 Partner at K&k gems
  • Participants
  • Cleanliness
  • Registration
Met some really interesting people.learned a lot. Take your time ask a lot of questions.

5 Aug 2017 Edition Carlotta Sheppard Reviewed on 25 Aug 2017 Rosemont at Jewelry By Carlotta
Such amazing pieces of jewelry. Gold diamonds emeralds sapphire. Great selection of beads and findings. Bought beads from D&C internationals.

5 May 2017 Edition Katharine Fromberg Reviewed on 16 May 2017 Business Operations Manager at Improd INC.
Had an amazing experience with you at the show. I love my rose gold bracelet. Can't wait to see what next years show brings...see you then!

5 Aug 2017 Edition Rohini Bokka Reviewed on 07 Sep 2017 Individual
It is a good show with a variety of products and vendors and I enjoyed it. I bring my friends along for the show every time I come.

4 May 2018 Edition ANNICE ROBERSON Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Owner at BENIR LA MODE JEWELRY DESIGNS
I was somewhat disappointed with the wholesalers prices for retailors

4 Aug 2018 Edition cynthia james Reviewed on 28 Aug 2018 4949 west parker ave at Exquiste Trinkets
Good event , just to far for me to travel on public transportation

3 Aug 2018 Edition Wendie L. Rose Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018 Commercial Real Estate at TFRE Corp.
It was smaller than the Rosemont venue and some of my favorite vendors were not there.

3 May 2018 Edition Sharon Metzger Reviewed on 10 May 2018 Property Management at Simon Property Group
Was not as full as previous years. Seems to have less and less vendors each time

5 Aug 2018 Edition Ronald Grossmayer Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018 Adjunct Faculty at Midwestern University - Chicago College Of Pharmacy
Loved the location!! Much better than Rosemont,

4 May 2018 Edition Suneela Reviewed on 15 May 2018 Homemaker at Baxters
It’s good.i like eartops at affordable,worthable prices.

5 Aug 2017 Edition VICKY CAREY Reviewed on 21 Aug 2017 Accountant at Ms.
very cool, never been before and really enjoyed lookingat all the gems and rings that were offered.

5 May 2017 Edition Carlotta Sheppard Reviewed on 08 May 2017 Rosemont at Jewelry By Carlotta
I love going to international gem and jewelry event. I always find semi-precious stones and beads.

3 Dec 2017 Edition elyse Reviewed on 15 Dec 2017 Owner at accessorize ME
I went on Friday. A lot of the vendors were sold out of the diamond pieces I wanted. I also thought the show was small and lots of empty areas for a holiday time