3rd Edition Trade Show

The Times of India Global Sports Show

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4.5 Exhibitors & Vendors
3.5 Quality of Participants
5.0 Networking Opportunity
3.5 Format of Event
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4 Student Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Sponsorship Intern at JSW Sport
  • Participants
  • Cleanliness
  • Execution
The event was great. Met a lot of people from the industry. Made some really good contacts. I wish I could have networked more or there was a networking platform. The food was very limited. Apart from that it was really good! Also a special thanks as I was told I would not be allowed to attend the conference but on spot I was allowed. Being an MBA in Sports Management from blore the travel was worth! Thank You!

3 hanif Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Businessman at Khalid bin waleed acadamey of fitness
  • Format
  • Cleanliness
  • Registration
I came for mixed martial arts but it was no to the expectations and upto international standards. The acceasories and equipments available were just basics and nothing was new. Next time i hope that it gets better

4 Swapnali Jambe Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Project Manager at SPJ Events
  • Presentation
  • Cleanliness
  • Staff
It was a great experince to attend conference. Open panel discussions were worth attending. Sharing of knowledge from eminent speakers is the best part.

5 Prajakta Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Managing Director at Aaradhya Design
  • Exhibitors
  • Cleanliness
  • Staff
It was very helpful to find new and emerging vendors of sports filed... And the exhibition was knowledgeable

5 Vimal Keval Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Ceo - Chief coach - Co-founder at SportnasiumX
  • Presentation
  • Location
  • Execution
Please take me off the list for calls, emails , texts etc... I get too many and it is quite bothersome

5 Viraj Ramesh Chari Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 CO-Founder at SportsKraft
  • Networking
  • Location
  • Communication
New opportunities, communication process, new marketing ideas, products ,

5 Dec 2017 Edition Niteen Shah Reviewed on 09 Dec 2017 Managing Director at Total Sports And Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
By the time the last speakers spoke 50% + crowd had left. Ideal time 6 hrs. Include sports retailers in Summit. Being a leading retailer I would have been able to give the audience qualitative inputs as we get feedback from end users. Niteen.

5 Nov 2017 Edition Sunil Dsouza Reviewed on 23 Nov 2017 Managing Director at Simmone Enterprises
didnt not get to see more suppliers/vendors for Yoga mats, Kabbadi/Karate/Judo/Taekwondo & Gymnastic mats and accessories.Was looking for childrens play mats for preschoolers. Didnt get to see swimming gear as well.

4 Nov 2017 Edition Uday Mehta Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017 Associate Director at Space 7 Realty P Ltd
Very poorly managed. Pathetic & unruly staff. No courtesy extended as if they were doing a favor by allowing is inside. Overall the quality of exhibitors was not Global. Hence I want to give you this time a very very poor rating. Best luck next time.

5 Bhargav Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Director at Rudrani Badminton Academy
  • Networking
  • Amenities
  • Communication
Very good intiative by TOI FIR SPORTS INDUSTRY

4 Apr 2017 Edition Chandra shekar Reviewed on 28 Apr 2018 President at Ecoflex Flooring Pvt Ltd
Very few reputed companies were participating Exhibitors were unhappy on the commitments made by the organisers as it was not fulfilled The exhibition did not show a value for money event

5 Harshal Pawar Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 Partner at S.H.Health Care
  • Exhibitors
  • Location
  • Arrangements
I got the sports vendor under one roof

3 Nov 2017 Edition Vimal Keval Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017 Founder / CEO / sports / fitness coach at U.S.N. Sports And Fitness
important to continue growth of sports & culture in India. some of the workshops were poorly orchestrated and can are crucial if conducted thoroughly.Panel& discussions should be held to where all people can attend eliminating loss of information

3 Nov 2017 Edition Nitin Dsouza Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017 Proprietor at Star Athletes United
more business people to sellSports only don't restrict to equipments/courts It also deals with coaching institute doctors fabrics.There was only one section of shoes Ie. NivyaWhere consumers look for Nike/Skechers/Adiddas /PumaWhich was absant

4 Dec 2017 Edition B.V.Prasad rao Reviewed on 23 Dec 2017 Director at Raozfx
Nice need more Attraction and local sports classes participation..next time you contact me we have 3000students in sports..we will do more visitors and clients..

5 Nov 2017 Edition Kalpesh Bhatia Reviewed on 21 Nov 2017 Proprietor at A K Enterprise
For me it was best experience... as i wanted to enter in the Sports Sector...i met many owners there.. and they all were great ..

4 Nov 2017 Edition Ravikumar S Reviewed on 23 Nov 2017 Vice President Grassroots Sports at Tenvi/c Sports Education Pvt Ltd
More international sports goods manufacturers and speakers would have been better. Also conference room should be covered completely to get any outside noise.

4 Ravi Sahu Reviewed on 16 Dec 2018 President at Indian Association of Sports For All (I-ASFA)
  • Exhibitors
  • Registration
Meeting key people from the fraternity

5 Nov 2017 Edition Ayan ghosh Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017 Owner at Urban Icon Garments
Global sports business all the arrangements are in proper way and the way they talk everything is good 5 out of 5.

4 Nov 2017 Edition Harsh Lakhmani Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017 Student at International Institute of Sports Management
Should gather goverment department people from sports industry and let them know opportunities and necessity of sports with long conferences.