4th Edition Trade Show

Hospital Planning & Infrastructure Exhibition and Summit

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I can rate the event @3.5 over 5A list of exhibitors with brief of their business would have been advantage to Both Presentor and visitor.

4 Nidhi Dixit green building consultant at Arcallusion Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
well organised event and the vendors who had taken up stalls were very precise while explaining their products.

4 Manshu Mishrani Architect at Navrachayada Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
  • Participants
Good this type of events gives where we are standing today more we meet more we gain

4 Paul J Chakola Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
The stalls were not able to provide details .They are asking lots of questions ,who ,where , ₹ ready before giving details .Seminar on 7/10 was attended by 3 to 4 people without payment .I also joined second part 10 mints no one ask or lots iimprove

5 Dr. Manu Kajimil Kuris Director, and General and Laparoscopic Minimal Access Surgeon. at Sushrusha Hospital, KJrishna Complex, Valli Peer Road, Kalyan West. Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
It was organised very well. We got very good deal on many articles and instruments. Thank you very much. Please inform us about such events in advance as you have done this time. Dr Manu Kuris.

4 Mahesh Thane at Inifd Vashi Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
It was awesome exhibition . The planning of hospitality infrastructure also verygood , It is the way also people's knowing abouut the morden technogy .Specially the AMBULANCE infra & PUMPING (Medicine Transfer) Machine that was anExcellent.

4 Shivank Sharma Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
It was a very good event indeed. Very well thought of, well planned and well managed. There is a scope to add more vendors and more companies into the event. Add representation of Govt hospitals. And the food menu could be more elaborate.

4 Santanu Mukherjee General Manager at Manashi Craft Pvt Ltd Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
Th event was informative and suggestive and the speakers were experienced and dealt with topics to 75% satisfaction. I was expecting a little more inputs on methodologies for energy efficiency than operational cost comparisons in hospitals.

3 Shilpa Kamble Senior Architect at Goldmine Projet Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
More architectural planning related information was required in display stalls.

5 atul taori Marketing Director at JAYGAJANAN MEDISALE Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
very nice .specially panel discussions of all

4 Anil Mansukhani Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
Could be better. People paricipatio and awareness factor could have been a added advantage. Like how a cost effective patient care works and what other expenses' involved to give a good care. Anilmansukhani. Thanksgiving.

5 KULKARNI, NIKHIL ILP-LANDMARK Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
Good event. Saved money on discounts.

1 Harshad D Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
  • Variety
  • Amenities
  • Execution
There was no new companies participated in event. Same old componies involved. Check companies profile( are they really are manufacturer or suppliers ) before giving them permission

3 Prashant Changrani Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
getting better but could be organized in a different manner

4 Archan Dholakia Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
As a visitor my experience was good. But limited number of stalls and size of the exhibition was not compelling, footfall was not promising. But overall organizing was superb.

4 Rajendra Kuruwa Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
though I could not go, my staff visited the event and it was good exposure. good arrangements and we could get some valuable information as regards upgrading our hospital.

4 Rahul Gupta Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
Lot of scope for giving more to visitors like nephrology cardiac department should be properly remarked their products with consumables should be made available

3 Shruti Haldankar Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
Satisfactory experience! Unfortunately I got just a day to attend the exhibition and not all the days to absorb more information. Thanks a million team! Further I would like to receive updates from your end.

5 Yogesh Individual Edition Attended : Oct, 2017
it was really fantastic. At one platform we could see same machines of different companies & their features with live demo.

4 pankaj mani Sr projects managaer at IMR Holding Edition Attended : Oct, 2018
Some times the subject opted got bored