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Trevor Elgram

27 Feb 2024 • 15:58

Guys and girls the launch of our power pill on the 24th in cape town was a huge success.if you want to know how to save money on your duesel or petrol engine please send me a reply i will gladly send you info on this great saving product

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Saan Carter

26 Feb 2024 • 16:22
Israeli Auto Tech Startups Raise Record Funding in 2023

Israeli auto tech startups raised a record $1.2 billion in 2023, demonstrating enormous investor appetite in the country's emerging autonomous vehicle sector. Over 87 Israeli smart transportation startups are now valued at over $100 million according to tracker Smarteo.

Israel has cemented itself as a dominant player in the global auto tech ecosystem, said Amir Reuters, CEO of init, Israel's largest intelligent mobility innova...readmore tion hub. Last year's record funding proves our local talent can build cutting edge technologies to shape the future of mobility.

Several key deals helped push 2022's record funding numbers. Self-driving trucking startup Ottonomy raised $100 million in October. In November, autonomous air taxi developer AIR closed its Series B at $100 million.

2023 is already on pace to set a new record according to some industry insiders.

The mobility revolution is accelerating faster than expected, said Shmuel Yehezkel, CEO of auto sensor startup GuardKnox. Our Over-the-Air update platform is seeing tremendous demand from EV makers looking to upgrade vehicles remotely. We'll likely triple our workforce in 2024 to keep up.

As global automakers continue pivoting towards electric and self-driving cars, Israel's deep talent pool in AI, robotics, mapping, cybersecurity and other critical areas essential for advanced mobility puts its auto tech startups in the driver's seat for future growth.

With world-class engineering capabilities and investors taking notice, the road ahead looks promising for Israeli vehicles startups navigating the fast lanes of innovation.
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Mawuli Dziwornu

27 Feb 2024 • 10:19

I’m happy to be on this automotive global stage

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Trevor Elgram

27 Feb 2024 • 16:08
Hi i of the marjeting team of Greenchoyce .
We are the manucatures of the new engine power pill for all types of engines both diesel and petrol .i have been using the pill in my BMW 120i for 4 months not only am i saving on my petrol my engine is getting cleaned lower immisions are being reduced into our enviroment which helps the ozone issue.I have both data on the testing of our pills which confirms that every engine you mays have is a 100%safe if you need any other ingo on this grea...readmore t new product let me know Trev in sunny cape town south africa.readless
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Roslynne Straw

25 Feb 2024 • 05:12

Roslynne Straw commented on Victorian Caravan & Camping Supershow
Is there somewhere to buy dog treats at the caravan & camping show?

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26 Feb 2024 • 05:38
Phong commented on Taipei Cycle
Dear all my respectful connections.
My name is Phong, from Tannus Co., Ltd
Tannus is a manufacturer of premium airless tires (solid tires) and innovative riding performance products/puncture protection for various kinds of bicycles, E bikes and Scooter with distribution network in more than 40 countries across the globe.
I am writing this email to invite you to visit our booth at ...readmore
oreferrer'>Taipei Cycle Show to experience Tannus products and exchange business cooperation opportunities.
Our booth details are as follows:
Taipei Cycle Show 2024:
Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.
Time: March 6-9th 2024
Tannus Booth No.: M0507

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23 Feb 2024 • 17:41

akpanyoung2014 commented on West Africa Automotive Show
How do I go about my full registration.

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Bianca othenin-Girard

27 Feb 2024 • 18:27

Bianca othenin-Girard commented on Festival of Motoring
I need to buy cars. 6 in total. 1 a white porche. The other a bakkie for 100k plus 3 more

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Susan Grobes

23 Feb 2024 • 02:24

Susan Grobes commented on Atlanta International Auto Show
Hello car enthusiast I’m excited to see you there and enjoy this event.

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Turf Huang

26 Feb 2024 • 09:42

Turf Huang commented on 2024 Global EV E-Drive System Industry Conference
EV GOVERSEAS added new images in 2024 Global EV E-Drive System Industry Conference.

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