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Nwana Titus

28 Feb 2024 • 03:12
Introduction Networking Highlights
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Brian Tomusange

27 Feb 2024 • 13:48

Brian Tomusange commented on NASCC: The Steel Conference
This is a valuable experience for networking and learning from experts in the field of steel manufucturing.It is a platform for sharing new insights and connections.

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Hiral Shah

27 Feb 2024 • 12:59

We have been providing with communication softwares and LMS for educational institutions across PAN India both cloud based and non cloud. We can be connected on 8605-8605-26

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Anya Sinha

26 Feb 2024 • 18:14
ISC Class 12 chemistry exam postponed: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), responsible for conducting the Class 12 Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams, has announced the postponement of the chemistry exam scheduled for today. The Class 12 chemistry exam will now take place on March 21 at 2 pm.CISCE cited 'unforeseen circumstances' as the reason for...readmore the postponement. Sangeeta Bhatia, deputy secretary of CISCE, stated in an official notice, Please note, the ISC Year 2024 Chemistry Paper 1 (Theory) Examination, scheduled for Monday, 26th February 2024, has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. The ISC Year 2024 Chemistry Paper 1 (Theory) Examination has been rescheduled for Thursday, 21 March 2024, 2.00 P.M.The ISC 2024 exams commenced on February 12 with the English paper and are slated to continue until April 3. This rescheduling affects the timing and sequencing of examinations for students, necessitating adjustments in their preparation and study schedules.readless
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nguru wilson kiiru

27 Feb 2024 • 15:07

Iam i

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26 Feb 2024 • 16:03

I am Sani Alhaji Musa, a Nigerian, living and studying in Egypt. I am the CEO of Babura Mart.

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Anthony David

23 Feb 2024 • 05:21
I am tapering off buspirone
I started 4 months ago on 15 mgs per day and after 1 month anxiety for worse.I saw a psychiatrist who stopped the 7.5 mg evening dose and added 7.5 remeron and still anxiety. She tried to increase the morning dose to 10mgs and still anxiety
Now 8 days ago decided to taper me off buspirone 7.5 as follows
Half dose for 5 days ,then stop
It's day 3 of being off buspirone and the anxiety is still intense. I am still taking mirtazapine which w...readmore as increased to 15 mg.but I am still anxious irritable weak
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Fatai Lawal

23 Feb 2024 • 15:58

Fatai Lawal commented on Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start-up Ventures
Looking for business opportunities for star ups.

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abeeb abideen

26 Feb 2024 • 04:08

abeeb abideen commented on International Conference on Public Administration and Development Alternatives
kindly forward an invitation letter for this conference with the cost implication to attend , conference fee Airfare, hotel acomondation amd other please

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Lincoln Kitheka Mutunga

28 Feb 2024 • 02:36

Lincoln Kitheka Mutunga commented on Gender Based Analysis Plus
Let's have this redone we need to participate

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