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Sagar Devadiga

26 Feb 2024 • 15:16
LVMH Unveils 22 Montaigne Entertainment: Diversifying into Media Industry

Luxury conglomerate LVMH has made a bold move into the media industry with the launch of its new venture, 22 Montaigne Entertainment. Leveraging its expertise in luxury branding and its extensive network of resources, LVMH is poised to disrupt the media landscape with its latest endeavor.named after the iconic address of the company's flagship headquarters in Paris, 22 Montaigne Entertainment represents LVMH's foray...readmore into the world of content creation, production, and distribution. With a focus on premium storytelling and immersive experiences, the new venture aims to captivate audiences and elevate the standard for entertainment offerings.At the core of 22 Montaigne Entertainment's strategy is a commitment to quality and creativity. Drawing inspiration from LVMH's legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, the company seeks to produce content that resonates with discerning audiences and sets new benchmarks for excellence in the industry. Whether it's film, television, digital media, or live events, 22 Montaigne Entertainment aspires to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences that reflect the values and ethos of the LVMH brand.Furthermore, 22 Montaigne Entertainment is uniquely positioned to leverage LVMH's vast portfolio of luxury brands and creative talents. With access to resources ranging from fashion houses and beauty brands to wine and spirits labels, the new venture has a wealth of intellectual property and creative assets at its disposal. This enables 22 Montaigne Entertainment to collaborate with top-tier talent, develop compelling narratives, and produce content that resonates with diverse audiences around the world.In addition to creating original content, 22 Montaigne Entertainment also aims to explore strategic partnerships and acquisitions to expand its presence and influence in the media industry. By forging alliances with established production companies, talent agenreadless
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Razorback Drain Pros

26 Feb 2024 • 10:06

Razorback Drain Pros commented on Shen Yun Performing Arts - Gold Coast
Sewer Camera Inspection: Revealing the Unseen Depths

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Lovey Crump

25 Feb 2024 • 10:02

Hi, lovey g Crump here,yes I'm looking forward to working with the best in the music & film industry, very soon.

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Shane Fortier

26 Feb 2024 • 04:00

Is there an opening for a vendor at the Mississauga show on March 10 2024?

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Sportcard & Memorabilia Expos, Inc.

25 Feb 2024 • 00:53

commented on Sport Card Expo Toronto
I have have about 50 michael jordan cards but would like to have about 10 graded. Can that be done at this event ? I'm in my 60s and have never been to a card event.

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Mitchell Linds

28 Feb 2024 • 01:25

Mitchell Linds commented on Golf in Vejle
I’m interested in finding new lines (Golf Clothing and accessories) to distribute into Canada.
Is this show a good place to meet new and upcoming Brands?

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Kim Steele

27 Feb 2024 • 01:52

Kim Steele commented on MIA Photo Fair

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Sagar Devadiga

21 Feb 2024 • 18:16
Zee Entertainment Denies Allegations of Rs 2,000 Crore Accounting Error, Labels Report as 'False

Zee Entertainment, a prominent player in India's media and entertainment industry, has found itself at the center of controversy following reports of a massive accounting discrepancy. According to recent news, the company allegedly faced a staggering Rs 2,000 crore accounting error. However, Zee Entertainment swiftly refuted these claims, denouncing the report as false and baseless.

The...readmore allegations of a Rs 2,000 crore accounting gaffe sent shockwaves through the financial markets and raised concerns among investors about the integrity and transparency of Zee Entertainment's financial reporting practices. Such a significant discrepancy, if proven true, could have far-reaching implications for the company's credibility, shareholder trust, and regulatory compliance.

In response to the allegations, Zee Entertainment issued a statement vehemently denying any wrongdoing and assuring stakeholders that its financial statements are accurate and in accordance with applicable accounting standards. The company emphasized its commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices, reaffirming its dedication to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

Zee Entertainment's swift and categorical denial of the allegations reflects its determination to address the issue head-on and defend its reputation against unfounded accusations. By promptly addressing the concerns raised by the report, the company aims to reassure investors, analysts, and other stakeholders of its financial stability and integrity.

Despite Zee Entertainment's refutation of the report, the controversy underscores the importance of robust financial oversight and scrutiny in the corporate world. In an era of heightened regulatory scrutiny and investor scrutiny, companies must maintain rigorous internal controls, transparency, and accountability to sa
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Pat Herrington

22 Feb 2024 • 10:12

Pat Herrington commented on Highland Jazz And Blues Festival
Hello, my husband and I are interested in volunteering for this event



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Evergreen Jazz Festival

22 Feb 2024 • 08:59

commented on Evergreen Jazz Festival
would anyone know if food trucks attend this event.
Thanks Cindy


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