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Jatin manish solanki

26 Feb 2024 • 18:56

Jatin Solanki As A Marketing Executive Working At Btw Visa Services (INDIA) Pvt Ltd

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Anya Sinha

22 Feb 2024 • 18:06
Union Bank of India to raise ₹3,000 crore via QIP: The Committee of Directors for Raising Capital Funds at Union Bank of India has approved the raising of funds up to ₹3000 crore through the issuance of equity shares to Qualified Institutional Buyers. The floor price for ...readmore these equity shares has been set at ₹142.78 per share. This decision was made during a meeting held on Tuesday, as per a regulatory filing by the public sector bank.However, this capital raising initiative is contingent upon receiving the necessary regulatory and statutory approvals. The bank stated that the committee has sanctioned the opening of the issue on February 20.According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements (ICDR) Regulations, the bank may offer a discount of up to 5 per cent on the floor price for the issue.
Furthermore, another committee meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2024. During this meeting, among other agenda items, the committee will discuss and approve the issue price for the equity shares to be allotted to Qualified Institutional Buyers, which may include determining any discounts permitted under the SEBI ICDR Regulations.
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Bashiru Hashim

25 Feb 2024 • 03:03

Bashiru Hashim commented on International Trade Fair, Business and Investors Summit
I am business man from Ghana want attend the events

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John J Angelone

23 Feb 2024 • 21:58

John J Angelone commented on AICPA Engage Conference
How do I purchase tickets for my team?

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23 Feb 2024 • 11:33

DR. AJAY KRISHAN TIWARI commented on Private Markets Conference
Greetings 🤗 Best wishes for Private Markets conference 2024

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mustafa bas

23 Feb 2024 • 03:31

mustafa bas commented on Metals Investor Forum Toronto
Dear sir
Lithium carbonate industrial grade %99.0 min Li2Co3 w/t
Lithium battery grade %99.5 Li2Co3
We sell lithium carbonate, lithium battery mineral and borax meat mineral products.
%100 tt

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21 Feb 2024 • 06:14

Gyan commented on Connected Banking - West Africa
Great initiative, I'll be there!

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Emma Kurzyca

23 Feb 2024 • 16:28

Emma Kurzyca commented on Banking Transformation Summit 2024
MoneyNext added new images in Banking Transformation Summit 2024.

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23 Feb 2024 • 17:33

support commented on Optimize Returns On Your Mutual Fund Portfolio Using Quant Analytics
quantsapp added new images in Optimize Returns On Your Mutual Fund Portfolio Using Quant Analytics.

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Dana Smirnova

26 Feb 2024 • 15:44

Dana Smirnova commented on Uncover winning tactics and the latest features of UPvsDOWN, the #1 game on Polygon 🟣
UPvsDOWN added new images in Uncover winning tactics and the latest features of UPvsDOWN, the #1 game on Polygon 🟣.

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