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5 Feb 2018 Edition K.r. Karthik Reviewed on 05 Feb 2018 Ce0 at Skanda Cnc Technologies
Exhibition was excellent with Indian and along with few foreign high technology machine manufacturers. But it had some shortcomings also as below: The car parking area should be with the concrete tiles / blocks. Over all rating was good

5 Feb 2018 Edition nambiar Reviewed on 11 Feb 2018 Ceo at Electrospark
A well organised event Would have preferred to have more of golf cart to carry visitors from one hall to another What ever cart was available also not effective as they were kind of hiding in a corner rather than near the gates

5 Feb 2018 Edition Vinayak Mahajan Reviewed on 09 Feb 2018 Indutrial,manufacturing And Product Emgineering at Bobst India Pvt Ltd
It was good but since number of stalls were only 3 nos ie 2,3,4 so for 5 days is too much which needs to be considered.The canteen cleanliness needs to be improved and also very less sitting arrangement.

5 Feb 2018 Edition Mr. Ramesh Panchal Reviewed on 05 Feb 2018 Founder at Flu-tech
Everything fine except transportation. Local taxi drivers charge extra high almost 3 to 4 time while returning in evening. Also no Ola / Uber coming for pick up for what so ever reason.

4 Jan 2018 Edition Ashok Sindhu Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Ceo at Pioneer India
Connectivity is a problem...OLA and UBER do not come in the evening and we are fleeced by pvt operators.Please dedicate Ola and Uber kiosk at the site in the evening just as the service at airport.Rest arrangements as fine

4 Feb 2018 Edition Rahul Mande Reviewed on 01 Feb 2018 General Manager at Aerocom Automotives Pvt Ltd
Since the IMTEX was for FORMING , I was expecting display of Thread forming equipment also but to my surprise there wasn't any. Also suppliers of fasteners were very few.Except for M/s KAPASI INC. non was upto mark.

5 Jan 2018 Edition Kamal Lala Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Proprietor at Priya Quality Springs
Well organised, convenient for every visitor. Advance registration helped to avoid long queues. Food court for everyone too was good. Washrooms cleaning was up to best.

5 Jan 2018 Edition Tensing Rathod Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Instructor at Govt.tool Room&training Centre
It was fruitful....for industialist, Technocrats, Engineering students, and related field peoples.Wishing all the best for forth coming eventful years....

4 Jan 2018 Edition Kamlesh Sutar Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Manager Business Development - OEM at Consul Neowatt Power
Very well organised . Also the tranport faacitilites where better managed organised .. was spacious ..very well done regard sKamlesh Sutar Mng business Development 9867902703Consul Neowatt Power

3 Jan 2018 Edition Niranjan Bhide Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Partner at Steelflex
IMTEX FORMINNG has been the theme, but the exhibitors are the same every time and offer the same products. We were expecting a few foreign exhibitors but were surprised to see very little presence. No exhibitors with latest forming technology

5 Jan 2018 Edition Vishal Nagarkar Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Proprietor at Creative Communications
Excellent & very well organised. Also got an opportunity to interact with lot of pioneer's of industries and latest technology & upcoming's.

5 May 2018 Edition krishnanalwade Reviewed on 30 May 2018 Executive Director at Modissa Constructions
this event was really good i personally liked it thank you for inviting me...please keep inviting me for all new events in Bangalore....thanks

5 Feb 2018 Edition Mr. B. V.gupta Reviewed on 05 Feb 2018 Managing Partner at Excel Enterprises
Participants in the field of manufacturing Forging, Casting and Aluminium casting are not found in your stalls. It has to be covered more.

5 Feb 2018 Edition Gaurav Kandpal Reviewed on 12 Feb 2018 General Manager at Heatly & Gresham India Pvt Ltd
Most important show for machine tools forming industry & machine manufacturers in India.PLEASE KEEP REPUBLIC DAY OUR OF IMTEX SHOW PERIOD.

5 Feb 2018 Edition Ananth K R Reviewed on 09 Feb 2018 Head, Research & Innovation at Kumaraguru College of Technology
Anyone who visited IMTEX with a specific requirement, wouldn't come out disappointed. Thanks for bringing them all under one roof

5 Jan 2018 Edition VARADENDRA RAO DESHPANDE Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Proprietor at Subhadra Industries,
We visited BIEC on the last day of IMTEX. Thanking you and your team, very much for the invites and the hospitality.

5 Feb 2018 Edition Gaurav Bansod Reviewed on 01 Feb 2018 Design Engineer at Atlas copco CMTEC Bangalore
it was really good exposures of machines ...expecting this kind of exhibition in future as well .Thank youGaurav

4 Jan 2018 Edition tlb_mkvkmf Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Ceo at Metal Forge India
Nicely managed. It will help visitors to reach site in time if BRTS service is also arranged for toandfro from Airport. Great event.

4 Jan 2018 Edition Rawsab M. Nakman Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Director at Echar Engineering Private Limited
very neatly and cleanly organised , also it was great experience . stall owner are very kind of nature and given all the informations

5 Jan 2018 Edition Jaydeep Sahu Reviewed on 31 Jan 2018 Proprietor at Deep Steel Traders
Excellent expo . I totally enjoy it . Next time I again want to come . Great work team of organisation .