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International Converting Exhibition Europe

List of Exhibitors - International Converting Exhibition Europe

BoothExhibitor Details
-Heraeus Noblelight (Shenyang) Ltd.China Mercury Lamps, Excimer Lamps, Hollow Cathode Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps, Trigger Transformers, Tungsten Halogen Lamps, Black Light Blue Lamps, Carbon Infrared Emitter Lamp, Deuterium Lamps, Oem Power Supply For Deuterium Lamps, Amalgam Lamps, Low Pressure Emitters Lamps, Mh Modules Lamps, Benchtop Power Supply Deuterium Lamps, Medium Pressure Emitters, Cw Lamps, Disinfection Modules, Mercury Vapour Lamps, Electrodeless Discharge Lamps, Fiberlight, Photoionisation Detector Lamps, Round Tube Ir Lamps, Laser Spectrum Analyser, Hg Emitters Mercury Lamps, Sodium Vapour Lamps, Ballast Water Modules, Infrared Emitter With Nano Reflector Lamps, Rf Version Pid Lamps, Golden 8 Infrared Emitter Lamp, Nk Lamps, Power Supplies For Special Lamps, Dc Version Pid Lamps, Ir Modular Systems, Dts System, Steribelt System, Amba Lamps, Flash Lamps ...+ show more
-HELIOS ITALQUARTZMilan, Italy Photography, U.V. Germicidal Lamps, Quartz Double-Distillers, Quartz: Glassware, U.V. Water, Photo Chemical, Automatic Tin-Detector, Eprom Eraser, Quartz Glass, I.R. Medium Wave Quartz Lamp, Lightfastness Testing Equipment, I.R. Tubes, Wood Transluminators, Tin Side Detectors, I.R. Short Wave ...+ show more
-HELIOS - ELIO CAVAGNA SRLItaly Plastic, Fibreglass, Razor Blade Cutting, Manual Shear Cutting, Pressure Cutting
-HAWKES TECHNICAL LTDUK Receding Head Die Cutting Press
-Haug GmbH & Co. KGGermany
-Hartchromwerk Brunner AGSwitzerland
-Hartchrom Haslinger Oberflächentechnik GmbHAustria
-Harro Höfliger Packaging Systems LimitedUK Oral Film Strips, Capsule Weighing System, Handling & Buffering Blister Packages
-Harper Corporation of AmericaCharlotte, USA Bridge Sleeves, Gravure Cylinder
-Hardo Maschinenbau GmbHBad Salzuflen, Germany Sewing Machines, Polishing Machines, Sanding Machines, Eyelet Machines, Band Saw Machine, Sanding And Polishing Machines, Combined Work Units Machine, Thermoform Equipment Machine, Sharpening And Trimming Machines, Presses Machine, Shoe Widener Machine, Measuring Equipment Machine, Resin Casting Work Stations, Activation Equipment Machine, Shoeshine Machines, Height Adjustable Machines, Create Standard Machine, Bench Sanding Machines, Heating Cabinets Machine, Glue With Built-In Suction, Gypsum Workstations, Cutting Cabinets, Trimming And Sanding Machines, Custom Shelves Individually Equipped, Extraction Machine ...+ show more
-HAEHNE ELEKTRONISCHE MESSGERATE GMBHErkrath, Germany J-Box, BZA Made Of Aluminum, DK2 Compression Force Load Cell, CTS02 Compression - Tension - Sensor, Busbox-P2 Profibus Amplifier, BZH Measuring direction horizontal, AME2 Strain Gauge Amplifier, DMA2 Measuring Amplifier, FAS Analysis Systems, RKS01 Force Sensor, MWF Measuring roll, Kmb For Fork Heads, Busbox-C CANopen Strain Gauge Amplifier, BZE Made of Stainless Steel, BZH-K03 Measuring direction, PAD Portable Strain Gauge Amplifier, BZV-K03 Measuring direction, 200 kN, MDL Measuring Pillow Block Bearing, DK3 Compression Force Load Cell, Mv128 Measuring Amplifier ...+ show more
-H.B. FullerPune, India
-GUIDOLIN GIROTTO S.R.L.Vigevano, Italy Model Gd 151, Model Gd Tr7, Model Gd X1
-GROSS HOF GMBHBischofsheim an der Rhön, Germany Ring Cores, Man Made Fibre Tubes, Cores and Laminated Tubes, Man Made Fiber Tubes, Cones and Rotor Spinning Tubes
-GOEBEL SCHNEID- UND WICKELSYSTEME GMBHDarmstadt, Germany Goebel U16/U20, Goebel Monoslit, Goebel Rapid-D/Di, Goebel Rapid-Automatic, Goebel Topslit, Goebel Optiwind, Goebel Xtraslit, Goebel Polyslit, Goebel Optislit, Kpw 3
-FWT COMPOSITES & ROLLS GMBHVienna, Austria Tubes, Drive Shafts, Rolls Paper, Rolls Non Woven Materials, Special components, ROLLS FILM INDUSTRY material
-FRASER ANTI-STATICSouth Oxfordshire District, UK Power Unit, Jupiter, Static Generator Bars, AB Airboost Static Eliminator, Ionstorm Bar, Ionised Air Knives, Iontube, Static Generator, Ionising Bar, Static Meter, Remote Monitor, Static Eliminator Bar, Ionised Air Nozzle, Static Bar Checker, Static Eliminators, Ionising Electrodes, Surface Resistivity Meter, Edge Pinner, EXHP Power Unit, Static Dischargers, Single Point Ionised Air Nozzle, Anti-Static Tinsel, HP Connector Box, Ionised Air Blower, Ionised Airgun, Ionstorm-SC Connector Box, Ionstorm Single Point Bars, Charging Electrodes ...+ show more
-FOLEX AGSwitzerland
-FMS FORCE MEASURING SYSTEMS AGGeneva, Switzerland Load Cell, Web Tension Controller, Force Measuring Journal, Robust Tension Measuring Amplifier, Force Measuring Bearing, Force Measuring Amplifier, Force Measuring Sensor with Dead Shaft Adapter, Force Measuring Roller, Compact Tension Measuring Amplifier, Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier, Force Measuring Block, Radio Transmitted Tension Monitoring System, Force Measuring Bearing Block, Force Measuring Sensors, Tension Measuring Amplifier, Intrinsically Safe Barrier, Double Range Force Measuring Bearing, Mini Force Measuring Roller, Force Measuring Sensor ...+ show more