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Booth# 9.2D40-Led Screens, Video Wall

Ningbo Neutrik Trading Co.,Ltd.

Booth# 9.2D45-Led Screens, Video Wall

Suzhou Feikong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2D46-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Kesenlin Electronics., Ltd

Booth# 9.2D50-Led Screens, Video Wall


Booth# 9.2D60-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd

Booth# 9.2D70-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Global Case Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2D72-Led Screens, Video Wall

Dongguan Maidea Precision Die-Casting Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2E10-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Xunling Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2E13-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shen Zhen Zonghan Shuangguang Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth# 9.2E15-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Ke Ju Chuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2E16-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Jnicon Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth# 9.2E18-Led Screens, Video Wall

Zhengzhou Easy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2E19-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Jingyuehua Trading Company

Booth# 9.2E21-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Rgbsky Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2E22-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Opute Industry Material Co., Ltd

Booth# 9.2E26-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen China-Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 9.2F09-Led Screens, Video Wall

Hubei Qunyi Group

Booth# 9.2F11-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Jie-Speed Automation Equipment Limited Company

Booth# 9.2F13-Led Screens, Video Wall

Yongshungu Hardware Products Factory Of Dhajing Town,Shenzhen

Booth# 9.2F14-Led Screens, Video Wall

Shenzhen Hongshunda Plastic Producs Co.,Ltd

Booth# 9.2F15-Led Screens, Video Wall

Ningbo Yinzhou Light Electronics Co., Ltd

Booth# 10.2A01-Led Screens, Video Wal

Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2A01-Led Screens, Video Wal

Shanghai Linso Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2A03-Led Screens, Video Wal

Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Opoto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2A05-Led Screens, Video Wal

Aet Displays Limited

Booth# 10.2A07-Led Screens, Video Wal

Shenzhen M-Shine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2A09-Led Screens, Video Wal

Changzhou Chuanglian Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2A11-Led Screens, Video Wal


Booth# 10.2B01-Led Screens, Video Wal

Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co., Ltd.

Booth# 10.2B01-Led Screens, Video Wal

Shenzhen Lamp Technology Co., Ltd.