4th Edition Trade Show

JIFFINA - Jogja International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia

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4.0 Quality of Participants
3.0 Display & Presentation
4.0 Exhibitors & Vendors
5.0 Variety of Products
2.0 Format of Event
5.0 Quality of Products
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4.3 Registration Process
3.5 Arrangements
5.0 Shuttle Service
5.0 Communication
2.0 Staff Helpfulness

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4 Mar 2019 Edition Susan Pang Reviewed on 18 Mar 2019 Manager at FUSE+ Design
  • Location
  • Registration
The exhibition is quite good, but but not so many buyers/ visitors coming.Perhaps more promotion prior the show could help to attract more buyers to come.

5 Mar 2019 Edition Rahimudin Reviewed on 17 Mar 2019 Founder at MT Logistik
  • Exhibitors
I have meet with high class exhibitor and best furniture Product.Wish I can find those event in monthly basis

5 Mar 2019 Edition Mustafa Mahmoud Reviewed on 21 Mar 2019 Furniture Store at Shoptop Furniture
  • Participants
  • Cleanliness
  • Registration
Keep the show to small companies so what happened to Jakarta show won’t happen to Jogja’s

5 Mar 2019 Edition hmksusilo Reviewed on 22 Mar 2019 Manager Project at Pt Hasta Mandiri Karya
  • Products
  • Location
  • Accessibility
Its greats exhibitionArea not so large but producy of exhibitor ore very good quality

3 Mar 2019 Edition Agus P. Djailani Reviewed on 18 Mar 2019 International Marketing at Sourcing Agent
  • Cleanliness
  • Arrangements
Problem with JEC building the illumination is too dim. Brighter lighting would really help the display.

4 Mar 2018 Edition Piyush Agarwal Reviewed on 21 Mar 2018 Director at Kavan Enterprise
Fair was small but very nicely organised. I liked the part that the visitors were less, so i got good attention and time from the exhibitors. Wish more local people participate. I would love to meet them in Jogja instead of Kuala Lumpur or Joakarta.

5 Mar 2019 Edition Erikka Dwi Astuti Anggarini Reviewed on 20 Mar 2019 account manager at pt limabelas
nee to have more participants

2 Mar 2019 Edition SCHIMMEL Reviewed on 17 Mar 2019 Working at Rofra Home
  • Format
Show is te klein. Starten als Show Jakarta klaar is.

2 Mar 2018 Edition Mac Daya and Margarette Haskell Reviewed on 14 Mar 2018 Director General at Fuzen Decor Bali
Considering the amount of furniture and home decor business's in Jogjakarta is was very disappointing to see such low numbers of exhibitors. I won't be going again was a real waste of an airline ticket.

2 Mar 2018 Edition Noor Fazilah Baba Reviewed on 16 Mar 2018 Individual
Not up to my expectation. There is not much to see. Mostly furniture and not much choice for handicrafts. Entrance fee is expensive for the locals. Not a good experience

4 Mar 2017 Edition Melanie Reviewed on 17 Mar 2017 Director at Simply Jute
Was good, hoped there would be more exhibitors but maybe it is a growing event. We are sure to be buying from some exhibitors.ThanksMel

4 Oct 2016 Edition Vini Zafriana Reviewed on 07 Oct 2016 CMO at Strategic Global, PT
Should be bigger next year since many furniture and crafts industry are interested in participating as exhibitors

5 Mar 2017 Edition Wim Gouweleeuw Reviewed on 22 Mar 2017 Owner at Trendproducts
Good qualityGood pricesGood new design

3 Mar 2017 Edition Mr Saravanan Reviewed on 21 Mar 2017 Director at Timber
could improve on more variety of furniture and handicrafts.

5 Mar 2019 Edition Lorenzo Sitges Reviewed on 21 Mar 2019 Director at Arte Primitivo

5 Mar 2019 Edition Shabani Ramadhani Hamissi Reviewed on 20 Mar 2019 Founder CEO Festival Director at Marahaba Swahili Music Festival

5 Mar 2019 Edition Kasambula Fred Reviewed on 20 Mar 2019 Project Coordinator at Luwero District Local Government

5 Mar 2019 Edition roger markowski Reviewed on 20 Mar 2019 Agent at Dekogo
  • Variety

5 Mar 2019 Edition Dangarembizi Fanuel Reviewed on 19 Mar 2019 Lecturer at University Of Namibia

5 Mar 2019 Edition Nova Tri Oktavianto Reviewed on 18 Mar 2019 Business Development Manager at Effos Indonesia