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Lab Day West

List of Exhibitors - Lab Day West

BoothExhibitor Details
-Zahn DentalUSA
-Whip Mix CorporationLouisville, USA Glass Beads, Waxes, Mainstay, Water Bath, Hard Rock, Jade Stone, Pumice, Vibrators, Firelite, Xcavator, Mounting Stone, Mainstay Drill Bit, Flowstone, Gyp-Strip, Microstone, Gator Wax, Hanau/Alcohol Torch, 10" And 12" Model Trimmers, Procheck, Smoothex Debubbling Solution, Armor Shine, Casting Rings And Formers, Flowstone Fs, Laboratory Plaster, Mounting Plaster, Hanau/Flask Compress, Aquaspense Sl, Lubritex No. 12 Die Lubricant, Pumice Preppies, Silky-Rock, Vpm2, Lean Rock Xl5, Resinrock, Disposable Plungers, Varsity Flask, Aquaspense, Orthodontic Plaster, Dazzle Ps, Buff Stone, Gypsum Hardener (Winterized), Ringless Casting, Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute, Hanau /Touch-O-Matic, Model Glow Model Soap, Prima-Rock, Resinrock Xl5, Snap-Stone, Bitestone, P.D.Q. Kit - Prep Dies Quickly, Gator Die Lube ...+ show more
-ThermoDent Inc.USA
-Strategy MillingUSA
-sirona dentalBensheim, Germany Instruments, Turbines, Vital, Cad/Cam Systems, Teneo, Heliodent Plus, Xios Plus, Hygiene Systems, Sidexis, Elegant
-Posca Dental Supply & Mfg.USA
-Posca Dental Lab Outsource ProgramUSA
-Nobel BiocareMumbai, India Warranty, Abutments, External hex, Osseointegration, Guided surgery, Crowns And Bridges, Prosthetic Materials, Internal Conical, uy o9u ypouih, Hemostasis, One implant system, Treatment workflow, Fabrication Of Radiographic, NobelActive, Blood Clot, Develop Network, Osseoconductive Bone Formation, OsseoCare Pro, Edentulous Restorations, Groovy, Bone Anchorage, Bone Smear Layer, The efficient implant, Authentication Tool, Single-unit restorations, Digitization and calibration, Internal tri-channel, Custom-Made Devices, Prefabrication, Clinical success, Platelets Activation, Provisional Matrix, Bone Fragments, Prosthetic Versatility, Clinical Diagnostics, Contact Osteogenesis, Implant Bridges, Multiple-unit restorations, OsseoCare, Diagnostics and Treatment, aPlatelets Attraction, Implant Bar Overdenture, Proven stability, Develop Own Practice ...+ show more
-DDS Refining/MedidentaNewtown, USA Laboratory Furniture, Work Bench, Steam Machines, 3D Printers, Equator, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Aurident Products, Dental Flexible Partial System, Hot Shot Professional Stainless Steel Tank, Freuding Technical Benches, Impression Copings Equator, Porcelain Modeling Liquid, Pressable Ceramics Teeth, Pin Dex System, Crowns Teeth, Zirconia Blocks, Dental Monitoring System, Scrap Refining Services, Desktop Laser System, Thermoforming System, Dental Milling Unit System, Ceramill Motion Milling Machine, Metal Refining System, Automatic Nautilus CC Plus System, Plaster Room, Ultra Hydrophilic Vinylpolysiloxane Impression System, Focus Alloy, Radiance Porcelain Aurident Products, Desktop Dental Systems, Premium Cutting Instruments, Gold Casting Alloy Crown Teeth, Dental Workbench, Digital Impression System, Axis Dental Mill System, Zirconia Abutments System, Filter Hood System, Equator Bar Attachment Parts, Removable Crown Teeth ...+ show more
-Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.UK
-Heraeus KulzerGermany
-DENTSPLY InternationalTulsa, USA
-DentSoll, Inc.USA
-Candulor USAUSA
-Axsys Dental SolutionsUSA
-Argen CorporationSan Diego, USA Alloys For Crown And Bridge, Alloys For Ceramics, Multi Purpose Alloys
-Amann Girrbach AGGermany Steamer, Smartbox, Alpenrock, Ceramill Roto, Ceramill Zi, Smartwax Duo, Girobond (R) Nbs, Artex (R), Smartmix, Ceramill Multi-X, Ceramill Zi Preforms, Girocrom (R), Splitex, Giroinvest Super, Ceramill Therm, Giroform (R) Pin Drill, Ceramill, Smartbox Invest, Artex (R) Facebow, Ceramill Mind, Noflame (R) Plus, Girobond (R) Cbs ...+ show more
-3ShapeCopenhagen, Denmark