20th Edition  Trade Show

International trade fair for Textile Laundry, Leather Care, Cleaning Technology and Equipment

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Booth# N3J35

Shanghai Moody Clean Co Ltd

Booth# N3J32

Tuodong Clothes Rack Factory in Lanshan District of Linyi City

Booth# N3J29

Goldman Machine Limited

Booth# N3J21 / N3J22

Sichuan Yibo Washing Products Co Ltd

Booth# N3J19

Hebei cangxian changhong plastic manufacture factory

Booth# N3J18

Chongqing Laundry Service Co Ltd

Booth# N3J17

Hebei Xinxin Clothes Hanger Plastic Packing Factory

Booth# N3J16

Zhengzhou Green Nano Technologies Co Ltd

Booth# N3H23 / N3H25

Beijing Wiseman Science & Technology Development Co Ltd

Booth# N3H22

Hangzhou Miuge Chemical Commodities Tech Co Ltd

Booth# N3H20

Okuny Group Industry Dalian Co Ltd

Booth# N3H19

Zhenjiang dantu jingyi cleaning technology institute

Booth# N3H18

Ningbo Dasheng Daily Products Co Ltd

Booth# N3H16 / N3H17

Guangdong Zhiqing Zhiai Information Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3H12

Shanghai Jingchao Cleaning Products Co Ltd

Booth# N3H08

Asahi leather care raw materials manufacturers

Booth# N3G32 / N3G33

Nanjing Beiyinjie Washing and Chemical Products Co Ltd

Booth# N3G25

Xiangyang Dacheng Detergent Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3G23

Jinhua Lvsu Washing Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3G21 / N3G22

Jingdezhen Jienier Dry Cleaning Consumables Trading Co Ltd

Booth# N3G20

Nanjing Laundry Trading Co Ltd

Booth# N3G16

Walkbase Rubber Products Co Ltd

Booth# N3G13

Suzhou Tongpai Washing and Nursing Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3G12

Shanghai Jointing Chemical Co Ltd

Booth# N3G10 / N3G11

Tianjin Huicheng Wax Industry Co Ltd

Booth# N3G08 / N3G09

Tianjin Tianqingyuan Industry and Trade Co Ltd

Booth# N3G07

Foshan Jiujiu Migobon Chemical Industry Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3G05 / N3G06

Tengzhou Hongxu Zhiyang Machinery Parts Factory

Booth# N3F32

Beijing Kanghong Runda Technology Co Ltd

Booth# N3F30

Shandong Xinlong Technology Co Ltd