16th Edition Trade Show

Manila International Auto Show

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3 Apr 2018 Edition Matthew Stuart Reviewed on 12 Apr 2018 Senior Manager Se Asia at The Institute Of The Motor Industry
World Trade Center is looking very tired.Signage was very poor and there was apparently a classic car display that we didn't get to see.Disappointing Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan were missing.

4 May 2017 Edition Roland Banta Reviewed on 26 May 2017 Individual
Well for me everything was okay except for the location of the exit. I understand that it was made that way for the attendees to see all the exhibition. And lastly I just noticed likes the previous PIMS only a handful of carmakers participated.

5 Apr 2018 Edition Nicole Bianca Rafada Reviewed on 11 Apr 2018 Account Executive at ARMVET Printing Company Inc.
The event is wonderful. Just want to suggest that make the guides more visible. Thanks!

3 Apr 2018 Edition James Yeo Reviewed on 12 Apr 2018 Individual
Too small...not enough new models, and/or top of line models...spacing between booths too tight, making the place crowded and uncomfortable...

2 Apr 2018 Edition Herman E. Arbilo Reviewed on 10 Apr 2018 Managing Director at Eyelectric, Inc.
I did not see Honda, Kia, Mazda or they're not situated in prominent spaces. Also no free magazines and promo stuff not that many. No promo bags in the registration counter. This is not the best I had attended.

5 Apr 2017 Edition Aldrin Rivera Reviewed on 06 Apr 2017 Auditor at Duty Free Philippines Corporation
Actually my son is a fanatic of Fast and Furious movies. First, we both love to see sports car - Nissan GT-R 2017. Then car audio and interior set-up at the MIAS. Paint job and details..

4 Apr 2017 Edition Lenard Rigel II Torreno Lancero Reviewed on 22 Apr 2017 Marketing Head at Torreno Resort and Pavilion
Had a great time during the event. Spent around 6 hours without noticing the time.Would be better if guests were to have IDs whether they are there for business, photographers or car enthusiasts.

Yes, I like the event. I am looking forward to the next event. Thanks.

5 Jun 2018 Edition Noli Reviewed on 01 Jun 2018 Individual
Great experience... I was able to make reservation for my next car.

4 Apr 2018 Edition Ernesto Ajero Jr Reviewed on 12 Apr 2018 Sales Manager
bring in some F1 and more updated Electric Cars or Solar Powered Cars.. :) thanks!

5 Apr 2018 Edition Engr.Gilbert Aquino Reviewed on 12 Apr 2018 Operations Manager at Silver Ocean Trading & General Services
Great Experience! Very nice show. See you next year MIAS 2019

3 Apr 2018 Edition Kelvin Evangelista Reviewed on 13 Apr 2018 Nursing Officer at USVA
I can give the event a score but it becomes too rowdy at the end especially the exit. Almost pass out

5 Apr 2018 Edition Conrad N. Cruz Reviewed on 10 Apr 2018 Supervisor at Universal Robina Corporation
Its Bigger and more exciting new cars awaits the visitors.

5 Apr 2018 Edition Joel Gaona Reviewed on 09 Apr 2018 Administrative Aide IV at DILG IV-A
It seems it needed more space.....overall, things are good

5 Apr 2017 Edition Grei Maramag Delacruz Reviewed on 03 Apr 2017 Online Service Representative II at Wellsfargo
I was in awe with everything shown before my eyes. Very well organized asusual. Been always looking for to MIA every month

5 Apr 2018 Edition Michael Erwin Arroyo Reviewed on 10 Apr 2018 Employee at N/A
Very well organized! I will surely attend the next...

5 Apr 2018 Edition Jiesel Sabordo Reviewed on 10 Apr 2018 Finance Officer at B2B Financing Corp.
It provide us business opportunities and network

5 Apr 2018 Edition Sarah Chuidian Miranda Reviewed on 09 Apr 2018 Independent Distributor at 4 Life Research
More games and Freebies. More updated Displays.;-)

5 Apr 2017 Edition Bernadette Reviewed on 03 Apr 2017 Marketing Partner at CitiGlobal Realty and Development Inc
It was cool. I had so much fun watching Russ Swift and James making some entertainments and wow Russ is great!

4 Apr 2018 Edition Anna Rosima Reviewed on 12 Apr 2018 Quality Analyst at Accenture Inc
Awesome event!!!! Looking forward for next year auto show😀