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The Maximizing Medical Device Customer Support Operations Conference, organized by the Q1 Productions will take place from 28th April to the 29th April 2014 in Chicago, USA. The conference will cover areas like The Device Industry Is At The Cusp Of A Promising Customer Experience Phenomenon And By Uncovering Leading Service Strategies, Attendees Will Discover Unique Aspects And Best Practices That Can Be Directly Implemented Within An Organization Creating A Positive Competitive Advantage In Today'S Marketplace. Some prominent speakers include Reg Stump, Stuart Magloff, Brian J. Bruner, Sandra Price, Deborah Dexter, Frank Faria, Amanda Forbes, Linda Newman, Jason Mercer-Pottinger, Cynthia Lenahan, Rose Mary Moegling, Jeff Olson, Ross Brewer, Michael Haas, Colleen Cusick, Mary Lucnik, Harel Deutsch, Allen Passerallo, Nicole Liffrig Molife, Mary Corkins.


07:30 AM - 05:40 PM ( Apr 28) (General)
07:30 AM - 04:30 PM ( Apr 29) (General)

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Schedule & Agenda

Mon, 28 Apr 07:30 AM - 08:20 AMREGISTRATION & COFFEE
Mon, 28 Apr 08:30 AM - 09:20 AMKEYNOTE ADDRESS: CUSTOMER SERVICE AS A STRATEGIC PLAYER TO GAIN A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEThroughout other industries, organizations have been able to dominate the market by becoming leaders in customer service satisfaction. Companies such as Zappos and Amazon have built an entire brand focused solely on creating and maintaining unbeatable customer service strategy. As healthcare models continue to shift and pricing pressures become all the more competitive, delivering a prominent level of customer service has become a significant differentiating strategy through the medical device industry. Through this keynote address, customer service professionals will gain executive level insight on the direction of medtech customer service and the key drivers behind the campaign to enhance medical device customer service setting the tone of important reason for the 2-day conference program.Reg Stump, Vice President, Support NetworkROCHE DIAGNOSTICS
Mon, 28 Apr 09:20 AM - 10:10 AMTHE CUSTOMER SERVICE TRANSFORMATION INTO ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: IS YOUR COMPANY READY?ver the past several years, the role of the customer service executive within the medical device industry has altered tremendously, primarily as a result of changing priorities within healthcare systems. Medical device purchasing decisions are now large contract decisions made through hospital c-suite and supply chain executives, limiting the once traditional physician-to-sales rep relationship.This shift in the purchasing model has placed added pressure and responsibility on customer service professionals to establish and maintain good relationships with the healthcare customers; now becoming what some consider an account manager role. With these factors in mind, it is imperative for customer service executives to formulate a service team that is able to revolutionize from a traditional transactional function to a more relationship-based function, leaving representatives increasingly responsible for the long term customer loyalty.Cynthia Lenahan, Director of Technical Training u00e2u0080u0093 Organizational LearningEDWARDS LIFE SCIENCES
Mon, 28 Apr 10:10 AM - 10:40 AMCOFFEE & NETWORKING BREAK
Mon, 28 Apr 10:40 AM - 11:30 AMMASTERING THE BALANCING ACT: TRADITIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE V. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIESSuperior customer retention has traditionally been created and maintained through the development of quality personal relationships, yet how does this transfer in an era of digitalized communication? In todayu00e2u0080u0099s market, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service as studies have shown that customers across different generations place value on different communication outlets. The millennial generation commonly prefers easily accessible online support whereas the baby-boomer generation favors online information supplemented by live interaction. With these factors in mind, it is vital for device companies to establish a customer service platform that balances both digital technologies with live personal service to accommodate a range of customers that spans across generations.Understanding the dynamic of the increasing millennial customer baseDeveloping different channels to cater to each potential customerImplementing automated strategies while still maintaining interaction
Mon, 28 Apr 11:30 AM - 12:20 PMOPPORTUNITIES & LIMITATIONS FOR TRANSITIONING TRADITIONAL CALL CENTER METHODS TO ONLINE & DIGITAL TOUCH POINTSWhile personal contact with customers is not always necessary in customer service, one-on-one communication creates an opportunity to enhance the customer experience without spending a great deal of money on flashy marketing campaigns and promotions. Considering all of the touch points that happen prior to the need for customer service, medical device companies are now automating touch points and digitizing customer contact with a goal of delivering better service while keeping competitive. Although customer service departments have seen many benefits to this transformation, such as creating more efficient processing systems and lowered hiring costs; the complexity and time sensitivity of the product often allows digital touch points to only go so far. With these factors in mind, it is imperative for customer service departments to assess the true capacity of online and digital touch points as it applies specifically to the medical device space.Consideration of previous touch points & the impact on customer serviceGetting HCPs on board with utilizing digital touch points for serviceHow far can we go? Thoughts on limitations to digital touch points for customer serviceExploring emerging digital touch points as opportunities to gain efficiency and minimize spendingJason Mercer-Pottinger, Director, Global Customer Listening Systems OperationsBAXTER HEALTHCARE *Pending
Mon, 28 Apr 01:50 PM - 02:40 PMCASE STUDY: UTILIZING SOCIAL MEDIA TO ENHANCE & ENCOURAGE CUSTOMER INTERACTIONOn a global scale, social media has become an essential function to growing everyday business. The prevalent form of communication has allowed many industries an impactful opportunity to address customer service issues in front of an audience while providing organizations with live access to customer loyalty, perception and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the medical device industry often uses the fear of regulations or lack of FDA guidance as a reason to not actively participate; limiting the ability to enhance online customer service and connect with customers, patients and HCPs. Through a real-time case study example, attendees will gain insight on one companyu00e2u0080u0099s endeavor to enhance customer service efforts through the use of social media.Inventive strategies to gain positive attention and applying social media to troubleshootingRisk Management: Establishing an internal social media policyReview of specific examples of customer service through social mediaIncorporating social media into current systemsRose Mary Moegling, Social Media Manager, TOSHIBA AMERICA MEDICAL SYSTEMS
Mon, 28 Apr 02:40 PM - 03:30 PMENHANCING EFFECTIVE INTRADEPARTMENTAL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS TO STREAMLINE & IMPROVE SERVICECustomer service is an all-encompassing role within a medical device company where the service representative is consistently working across multiple departments to streamline delivery of quality customer care. The importance of having thorough and clear communication, not only with the customer but also internally, is vital due to the complexity and lifesaving potential of the products and services being delivered. Through case study examination, attendees will explore one companyu00e2u0080u0099s success in developing a system to enhance conversation and better navigate inter-departmental interaction ultimately decreasing miscommunication and improving response time.Deborah Dexter, PhD, Director of Operations, Customer Care Shared ServicesCARDINAL HEALTH
Mon, 28 Apr 03:30 PM - 04:00 PMCOFFEE & NETWORKING BREAK
Mon, 28 Apr 04:00 PM - 04:50 PMPANEL DISCUSSION: COPING AS AN INDUSTRY WITH THE RISE OF CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONSAcross all industries, the expectations of customer service, particularly within the United States, are consistently higher than in other countries, and the medical device industry is no exception. Customers now expect rapid turnaround time, continual discounting, 24-hour available assistance through to increased upgrades and benefits. With all this in mind, customer service executives must find a way to manage expectations without driving up internal expenditures or losing business. Through roundtable discussion, executives will discuss diverse methods and systems to assist organizations in overcoming this mounting challenge.Linda Newman, Director, Customer Support, CEPHEIDRoss Brewer, Senior Manager Customer Contact Center, BECTON DICKINSONStuart Magloff, VP Global Customer Experience, JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Mon, 28 Apr 04:50 PM - 05:40 PMSHORT STORIES FOR BENCHMARKING & CUSTOMIZING METRICS USED TO MEASURE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION(2 20-minute presentations followed by Q&A)Understanding the customeru00e2u0080u0099s needs is key in being able to provide a superior level of service and increase loyalty, however determining what information to focus on and identifying the best tools to do so can be a demanding task. Through shared case studies from varying medical device organizations, customer service professionals will explore unique approaches to using KPIs and other metrics for benchmarking and measuring customer satisfaction. The short stories will provide practical, real-time information filled with key takeaways for successful measurement of customer feedback and application.Michael Haas, Director Client Experience, LANDAUER
Tue, 29 Apr 07:30 AM - 08:00 AMREGISTRATION & COFFEE
Tue, 29 Apr 08:10 AM - 09:00 AMPROFILING WITHIN HIRING TO DRIVE SUCCESS IN THE COMPLEX ROLE OF CUSTOMER SERVICECustomer service is no longer a clerical position, but a complex and dynamic role responsible for various functions which requires a unique and experienced skill set. As the acting face of the company and the liaison between the customer and the manufacturer, maintaining the utmost professionalism and problem solving ability is vital when building customer loyalty and a positive reputation. In order to establish recruiting guidelines it is important to understand the unique character and competencies needed to excel in the customer service position. This session will discuss:Corporate culture considerations when hiring customer service professionalsOverview of effective training methodologies to ensure maximum return on investmentAssess personality traits and skills in successful representativesTips for building morale & reducing turnover across customer serviceFrank Faria, Director Field Service Operations, HOLOGIC
Tue, 29 Apr 09:00 AM - 09:50 AMDEVELOPMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES WITHIN CUSTOMER SERVICE TO REDUCE RISKAdhering to regulatory guidelines is at the forefront of importance across all areas of a medical device organization, yet the impact is surely different depending on the department. For customer service professionals, remaining compliant and adhering to regulations happens within many different scenarios from adverse event reporting through to the servicing and maintenance of a device. Limitations placed on what service representatives can communicate to customers coupled with exceptionally high quality standards can create a stressful and challenging environment to succeed in. This session will take a proactive approach, specifically covering:Review of specific complaint & non-complaint examplesEffective strategies to increase employee adherence to decrease riskDesigning & implementing policies and procedures within customer serviceExamine systems used to help decrease riskNicole Liffrig Molife, Esq., ARNOLD & PORTER LLP
Tue, 29 Apr 09:50 AM - 10:20 AMCOFFEE & NETWORKING BREAK
Tue, 29 Apr 10:20 AM - 11:10 AMTHE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: IMPACT ON THE DEVICE INDUSTRY & ITS CUSTOMERAn essential part of being able to service a customer and improve experience is mastering the ability to understand their unique needs. As the Affordable Care Act sets in and a predicted addition of over 32 million new insured Americans enter the healthcare market, the ACA will create dramatic changes on the demand of both HCPu00e2u0080u0099s and medical device organizations. Gaining a deeper understanding of the implications brought forth by this game changing law and how it will affect medical device customers is critical for service executives to recognize and strategically prepare for.Insight into ACA policy as it impacts hospitalsLooking back on past 6 months & the impact healthcare provides thus farSteps that can be taken to better support the hospital through customer serviceMary Corkins, Principal, THE REIMBURSEMENT GROUP
Tue, 29 Apr 11:10 AM - 12:00 PMHE OTHER CUSTOMER: STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVELY SERVICING PURCHASING GROUPSThroughout the medical device industry, the method in which devices are puru00c2u00acchased and contracted has changed dynamically over the course of the past several years. New methods of purchasing, taking into account GPOs, IDNs and PODs are revolutionizing the way that health systems and healthcare providers consider purchasing medical devices and equipment. A key area of concern for customer service professionals is the ability to understand the unique needs of purchasing groups as it differs from hospitals so that in turn, they can be serviced adequately and as needed. This interactive panel session will shed light on purchasing group expectations as well as strategies to deliver superior customers service to these organizations.Sandra Price, System Director, Procurement, CHRISTUS HEALTHAllen Passerallo, MBA, ATC, Senior Director Strategic Sourcing, CLEVELAND CLINICTBD, THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL
Tue, 29 Apr 01:00 PM - 01:50 PMHOSPITAL PERSPECTIVE: GAINING INSIGHT TO IMPROVE THE CUSTOMERu00e2u0080u0099S EXPERIENCECreating lasting and advantageous partnerships with hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States continues to become more complex and challenging for medtech companies as payment, value, and supply chain models transform. It is imperative for customer service professionals to thoroughly understand and recognize the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country in order to align customer service efforts that foster a customer-centric proactive approach. Through a high-level panel of healthcare professionals, medtech customer service executives will gain an exclusive opportunity to understand the perspective of the end-user, exploring how to come together as an industry to ensure evolving needs are met.Harel Deutsch MD, Assistant Professor of NeurosurgeryRUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTERColleen Cusick, RN, MBA, CMRP, Director, Materials ManagementTHE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL
Tue, 29 Apr 01:50 PM - 02:40 PMLEADING BY EXAMPLE: THE TRUE ART OF BECOMING A CUSTOMER SERVICE LEADERu00e2u0080u009cWhen dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.u00e2u0080u009d u00e2u0080u0093 Dale Carnegie. There is a true art to communicating with people, whether it be in a situation of distress, understanding or simply to listen remaining calm in any situation can be difficult. Understanding how to communicate effectively with leadership and poise is critical to creating a team of customer service leaders who will positively influence and serve customers.Explore effective communication skillsDiscovering balance in difficult situationsBecoming a leader through positive customer interactionsMary Lucnik-Garcia, Account Executive, DALE CARNEGIE TRAINING
Tue, 29 Apr 02:40 PM - 02:50 PMCOFFEE & NETWORKING BREAK
Tue, 29 Apr 02:50 PM - 03:40 PMCASE STUDY: IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE THROUGH EVOLUTIONS IN REMOTE CONNECTIVITYThe growing popularity of integrating remote access capabilities in medical device products is changing the way customer support is delivered on a global scale. Remote access systems are breaking down geographical restrictions and time delays allowing executives to gain flexibility in the way customer service is delivered. Having remote access to a customer and to an organizationu00e2u0080u0099s internal systems can create a new influx of possibilities for improving internal operations and improving overall customer experience further creating a competitive edge. This case study will highlight:Addressing and reducing potential remote access uncertaintiesDiscovering new systems available for accessing from a distanceRemote contact center outsourcing possibilitiesAdvantages of remote services in terms of equipment maintenanceAmanda Forbes, Remote Operations Center Manager, GE HEALTHCAREJeff Olson, Remote Technical Director, GE HEALTHCARE
Tue, 29 Apr 03:40 PM - 04:30 PMDEVELOPMENT OF A GLOBAL MINDSET TO ENHANCE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICEAs a medical device company expands globally, especially within emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and Russia, new obstacles are formed for customer service operations. Customer care is often segmented and managed on a regional basis throughout the world; therefore it is critical to implement standardized practices and procedures to ensure constancy of service across an organization. This can be particularly challenging considering the differing cultural preferences by region; abiding by different languages, cultural practices, and regulations is a tremendous responsibility. With expansion happening every day, it is necessary for customer service professionals to maintain a global mindset when developing and executing service operations across the globe.Adapting service structure to boarders, cultures, and languagesManaging trade compliance and varying regulatory proceduresEstablishing international service that caters to a customer yet still aligns with overall service strategy and missionBrian J. Bruner, Latin America & Canada Customer Service DirectorABBOTT DIAGNOSTICS
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