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List of Exhibitors - Medlab-Dubai

BoothExhibitor Details
-Hangzhou Biotest Biotech Co LtdChina
-Gulf Scientific CorporationDubai, UAE GE Analytical Instruments, Mass Spectometry, Elementar
-Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co LtdChina
-Grifols Diagnostic Solutions IncBarcelona, Spain
-Gesan Production SRLItaly
-GenetricsSouth Korea
-Future Lights Trading Co LlcUAE
-Fortress DiagnosticsUK
-FL Medical SRLTorre Annunziata, Italy
-Evermed SrlItaly
-Eurolyser Diagnostica GmbhAustria
-Erba Diagnostics Mannheim GmbHGermany Textiles & Garments - Accessories, Photometers, Urine Analysis, Electrolyte Analyzer, cardiac markers, Malaria, Batch Analyzer, Dengue Test Device, Elisa - Washer, Erba Reagents, Random Access, Liquid Handling Systems Erbapette, Uro-dip 2vgk And Uro-dip 2vpg, Elisa - Reader, Random Access Analyzers, Random Access Analyzers-, Uro-dip 10c, Reagents-erba Immunoturbidimetry Kits, Erba Xl System Packs, Erba Liquid Stable, Erba Immunology Kits ...+ show more
-EppendorfMumbai, India Heat Exchangers, Bio Photometer Plus, Brunswick S41i Incubator Shaker, Innova 40 Benchtop Incubator Shakers and 40R with Added, CelliGen 510, Bio Process Equipment, Vacuum Concentration, Innova 43 & 43R, Eppendorf Research Plus, Premium Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, HEF-High Efficiency Freezers, DASbox for Microbial Applications, Mastercycler Pro, DASbox for Cell Culture Applications, Eppendorf Tubes, Consult a Specialist, Cell Culture Process Development, Contact Eppendorf, Eppendorf Thermo Mixer, Cell Culture Research and Development, DASbox with Single-Use Vessels, CelliGen 115, Innova 42 & 42R, ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S., Microbial Research and Development, Mix Mate, Benchtop Cell Culture System, Galaxy R Series CO2 Incubators, Mastercycler Nexus X2, Stem Cell Research, Celli Gen Pro, Microbial Process Development, BioBLU 0.3c Single-Use Vessel, Innova 44/44R, Celli Gen 310, Mastercycler nexus X1, Bio Photometer D30, Galaxy 48 R, 48 Liter Capacity, Innova U360 Slim-Style Space-saving ULT Freezer, Eppendorf ...+ show more
-EOS S.r.l.Italy
-Edan Instruments Inc.China
-DRG Instruments GmbHGermany Rapid Screen Tests, Veterinary Diagnostics, Radio Immuno Assays Tests
-Dr. Fooke-Achterrath Laboratorien GmbHGermany
-Dornier MedTechKennesaw, USA Epos Ultra, Motorized Therapy Head, Relax Patient Table, Shock Wave Emitter, X-Ray Localization, Medilas, Flexible Therapy Head, Patient Table, Lithotripter, Compact Sigma, Multibeam
-DNA TechnologyAarhus, Denmark
-Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd.China
-Diesse Diagnostica Senese SpaItaly Esr, Serology, Microrganism
-Diasys Diagnostic SystemsGermany Mini Parasep, Maxi Parasep
-Diapath SpAItaly Gloves, Forceps, Strong Scissors, Safety Scalpel, Protective Glasses, Finger Scalpel Sterile, Big Knife For Organs, Forceps For Vertebre, Super Scalpel, Formalinpad, Hollow Anatomic Forceps, Blunt Forceps Acc., Flat Chisel For Preparations, Anti-Cut Gloves, Transparent Disposable Apron, Dissecting Knife Medium Point, Dissecting Knife For Plano/Concave Cut, Blunt Scissors With Outwards Curve, Post Mortem Needle, Disposable White Overall, Extra Thin Forceps Acc. Speeman, Safe Sharp For Blades, Toothed Strong Surgical Forceps, Bronchial Scissors Edge, Dissecting Knife, Gouge, Forceps For Osteotomy, 3-Way Knife Sharpener, Disposable Cutting Boards, Cryostat Cryopath, Anatomic Forcep, White Apron, Bulb-Ended Scissors, Chisel For Backbone Lenght, Dissecting Knife, Edge, Forceps For Dura Madre, Chisel For Backbone, 1-2 Toothed Surgical Forceps, Flat Strong Chisel ...+ show more
-Diamond DiagnosticsHolliston, USA Electrodes, Consumables, Reagents, Hematology, Chemistry Systems, Coagulation Systems, Immunology
-diametraItaly Diabetes Monitoring Service, Anti-Rnp-Sm, Anti-Rnp70, Free-Psa, Anti-Transglutaminase Iga, Anti-Tg, Anti-Ss-A, Anti-Ana Screen, Anti-Sm, Anti-Beta Glycoprotein Igg, PTH intact - soon available, xTAG CYP2D6 Kit v3, Renin ELISA - soon available, Signature KRAS Multiplex assay, Signature LTx v2.0, Ca 15-3, Microglobulin, Anti-Gliadin Deamidated Peptide Igg, Anti-Ia2, Anti-Iaa, Anti-Tpo, Anti-Ena Screen, AmplideX FMR1 PCR Process Control, Aldosterone ELISA, AmplideX FMR1 Methylation & Sensitivity Control, BCR/ABL1 Quant, BCR/ABL1 Quant, Anti-Gad, Anti-Histone, xTAG RVP FASTv2 (Respiratory Viral Panel FAST v2), 25OH Vitamin D, AmplideX FMR1 (IVD CE), Ca125, Anti-Gliadin Deamidated Peptide Iga, Serva, QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay for RNA, Hoefer, Calcitonin US -soon available, Cea, Pap, S100b, Anti-Transglutaminase Igg, Anti-Ccp Igg, Anti Centromer B, Anti-Dsdna Igg, Anti-Scl70, xTAG Cystic Fibrosis Assays, AmplideX FMR1 mPCR Kit (Metilazione), Osteocalcin - soon available, Signature Braf Mutation Kit, Custo ...+ show more
-Diagon LTDBudapest, Hungary Hematology Reagents, coagulation reagents, coagulation instruments, urine sedimentation reagents, hematology instruments
-Diagnostics BiochemLondon, Canada Aldosterone ELISA, Diol Glucuronide Clia, Aldosterone Clia, Cortisol Clia, Estrone Clia, Progesterone Saliva Elisa, Thyroxine, Total (T4) Elisa, Dehydroepiandrosterone (Dhea) Elisa, Estradiol Elisa, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (Dheas) Elisa, Thyroxine, Free (Ft4) Clia, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (Dheas) Clia, Testosterone Saliva Clia, Cortisol Saliva Elisa, Estrone Elisa, Triiodothyronine, Free Elisa, Progesterone Clia, Hydroxyprogesterone Elisa, Dihydrotestosterone (Dht) Elisa, Thyroxine, Free Elisa, Estriol Saliva Clia, Estrone Saliva Clia, Testosterone, Free Clia, Androstane Diol Glucuronide, Testosterone, Total Elisa, Androstenedione, Cortisol, Pregnenolone Elisa, Testosterone Saliva Elisa ...+ show more
-Diagnostica StagoFrance
-Diagcor Bioscience Incorporation LimitedHong Kong Flow-through hybridization device R2-M, GenoFlow MDR-TB Array Test Kit, GenoFlow HPV Array Test Kit, Flow Through Hybridization Device R2-m, MDR-TB Array Test Kit, HPV Array Test Kit