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3 Sep 2018 Edition Scott Evey Reviewed on 23 Sep 2018 Supervisor at United Airlines
This is an event worth going every year as I do. Organization in getting in the door - like the line up for early entry could be better. The cost to exhibitors should be lowered as every year there does seem to be fewer returning vendors due to cost.

5 Sep 2017 Edition Artemus Bradley Reviewed on 18 Sep 2017 Individual
Had a great time at this year's 2017 Mr. Olympia I expect especially enjoyed the early check in one hour which helped out attending certain vendors before the big crowds

4 Sep 2018 Edition Brenda Meden Reviewed on 19 Sep 2018 Las Vegas, NV at K3 Scoop Enterprises
As a vendor this event was done very well. It was easy, coordinated and the set up was good.

5 Sep 2018 Edition Ardenti Films Reviewed on 17 Sep 2018 Director / Producer at Alex Ardenti Photography, Ardenti Films
An amazing event with lots of crowd participation.

5 Sep 2017 Edition Cynthia Grant Reviewed on 19 Sep 2017 404 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245 at Grant+Steel Beauty
What an amazing show!My son competed in the physique division. I will definitely attend next year!

5 Sep 2016 Edition Benhur Ortaleza Reviewed on 20 Sep 2016 Individual
Enjoyed the expo so much,i had so much fun and bought a lot of supplements and the pictures are awesome,,hope to have another one sooner!

5 Sep 2018 Edition Taylor Carlow Reviewed on 17 Sep 2018 Sales Manager at DIRECT FOOD INGREDIENTS INC
Great event, had a blast

5 Sep 2017 Edition André Azevedo Reviewed on 19 Sep 2017 Marketing & Operations at Thn Nutrition
Once more was a great event well done!!

5 Sep 2018 Edition Jore Torres Reviewed on 28 Sep 2018 General Coordinator at Ong Economie Finance Et Developpement Du Burkina Faso
Great job overall

5 Sep 2017 Edition Nolan Mohr Reviewed on 18 Sep 2017 Welder at Melloy
Excellent can,t wait until 2018 show

5 Sep 2016 Edition Laura Grant Reviewed on 19 Sep 2016 Las Vegas
If I could give a 10 I would. Kevin Levrone made the event for me.

5 Sep 2016 Edition Decio Silva Reviewed on 09 Oct 2016 Show Mr Olimpia at Academia Korpore
Cada vez melhor espero que continuemo assim sempre para frete

5 Sep 2016 Edition Mark Cummings Reviewed on 24 Sep 2016 Individual
It was the first time i have attended. enjoyed it very much

5 Sep 2015 Edition Caratta Stennett Reviewed on 21 Sep 2015 Fitness Trainer at Halfmoom Jamaica
The expo was magnificent. Just wonderful. All my desires were met and exceeded. Thank you

5 Sep 2018 Edition Hassan Reviewed on 17 Sep 2018 Marketing Director at US overseas
Amazing event

1 Sep 2016 Edition James Rankin Reviewed on 20 Sep 2016 Las Vegas at Above The Sun Creations
It was extremely bad! It was cramped and confusing and a bit unorganized in the sense to know what the vendors were offering. It seemed the focus was on the competition platform and that space taken caused the rest of the ares to be to close.

5 Sep 2015 Edition Sammy Graham Reviewed on 21 Sep 2015 Usa at Unstoppable Force
Definitely need more competitors and competition, less vendors more events

5 Sep 2017 Edition Robert Towner Reviewed on 19 Sep 2017 Individual
Enjoyed the entire event!

5 Sep 2016 Edition Andre Jackson Reviewed on 20 Sep 2016 Trainer at Ink'd 4 Life
Was the best time I've ever had at an Expo

3 Sep 2017 Edition Vincent Reviewed on 19 Sep 2017 Banquet server
Unorganized entrance and ticket lines