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Camara de Comercio Ecuatoriano-China

North Kennedy, Luis Orrantia and Nahim IsaiahGuayaquil Ecuador
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Camara de Comercio Ecuatoriano-China is an organization that was founded in December, 1997 by Dr. Mayorga Wong second. The name of this organization is also known as Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce China. It enhances the sector and also develops great opportunities for the economic advancement of the region. Naranjo Olmedo Vincent Wong Echo is the President of the organization. The main mission of this organization is to encourage the business and commercial sectors and also helps in creating job opportunities of the region. It envisions being the leading institution of the business sector, meets the needs of the member, and keeps in mind the international trends of promoting the business opportunities. It also hosts events and tradeshows like the Expochina with the help of which it disseminates quality information about the new opportunities available for the development of the sector.

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  • Guayaquil


    07-09 Aug 2014

    Expochina is going to be held for a period of three days in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This is a truly business to business event which will be attended by...

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