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List of Exhibitors - Pro2Pac

BoothExhibitor Details
-Zhong Shi Industrial Co. LtdTaiwan
-X-RiteGrand Rapids, USA Spectrophotometer, Spectrodensitometer, i1Display 2, Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, Colorchecker Gray Balance, Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Scoring System, Farnsworth Munsell Dichotomous D-15 Test, Colorchecker Digital Sg, I1basic, 528 Spectrodensitometer, Colormunki Photo, Colorchecker White Balance, Benchtop Spectrophotometer, I1display Lt, I1isis With Obc, Color I7 Benchtop Spectrophotometer, Colormunki Create, 508 Spectrodensitometer, 518 Spectrodensitometer, 504 Spectrodensitometer, 530 Spectrodensitometer, Colorchecker 18% Gray Balance, Colormunki Design, Munsell Quickcolor Standards, Farnsworth Munsell Dichotomous ...+ show more
-WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KGGermany Gas Mixers, Gas Control Equipments, gas safety equipments, gas blenders
-Windsor Food MachineryAshford, UK Dryers, Combi Steamers, Convection Ovens, Planetary Mixers, Mincers, Water Baths, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Slicers, Mixer Grinders, Injectors, Vacuum Fillers, Vacuum Tumblers, Chop Cutters, Smokers, Dip Tanks, Table Top Machine, Sausage Fillers, Skinners, Bacon Slicers, Bowl Cutters, Food Cutters, Burger Machines, Derinders, Ham Cookers and Clarifiers, Dicers, Doner Kebabs Set up table, Flattening Schnitzel Press, Kneader Mixers, Mainca, Henkelman Boxer, Strip Cutters, Tenderisers, Bowl Choppers, Frozen Meat Flakers, Ice Flakers, Tote Bin Lifts, Meatballing Machines ...+ show more
-CroxsonsTodmorden, UK Labels, Capsules, Printing, Alcoholic Beverages, Spraying, Cork, Storage Jars, Spirits, Crown Corks, Wine Bottles, Soft Drinks Bottles, Spirit Closures, Zorks, Soft Drink Closures, Food Jars, Twist Off Closures, Swing Stopper Bottles, Beers & Cider, Korked ...+ show more
-Vigour Pack Co. LtdChanghua, Taiwan Food Containers, 5 MLT16 Food Containers, 5 L0001 Food Containers, 5 R8377 Food Containers, 5 R8366 Food Containers, 1 D0016 Disposable Cups, 1 D360H Disposable Cups, 5 KS005 Lunch Box, 5 SH05 Lunch Box, 5 CB24 Food Containers, 5 DR8 Food Containers, 5R04636H B Food Containers, 5 I0000 B06006 Handle Bags, 5 SH03 Food Containers, 5 SH04 Food Containers, 5 I0000 B03001, 5 POM, 5 LT8 Food Containers, 5 LT48 Food Containers, 5 LT32 Food Containers, 5R04637H B Food Containers, 5 A305 Lunch Box, 5 LSO Food Containers, 5 4C04 TL Food Containers, 5 A306 Lunch Box, 5 GPS 7 Lunch Box, 5 SH02 Food Containers, 5 DR24 Food Containers, 5 R04624H B Food Containers, 1 D0020 Disposable Cups, 5 HSO Food Containers, 5 SB10 Food Containers, 5 LT24 Food Containers, 5 M118 Food Containers, 5 LT12 Food Containers, 5 DR32 Disposable Cups, 5 CB48 Food Containers, 5R04638H B Food Containers, 1 D0004, 5 RRIB16 Hot Food Container, 5 NRRIB8 Food Containers, 1 D0010 Disposable Cups, 5 SSO Food Containers, 5 DR12 Food Containers, ...+ show more
-VIdeojet Technologies LtdUK
-Vempi Plastik Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.Manisa, Turkey 1000 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 1500 Cc Container With Lid Bombe, Oval Container With 375 Cc, Dried Fruit Trays, 1800 Cc Dished Container With Lid, 500 Cc High Lid Hinged Lid, 375 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 750 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 1250 Cc Container With Lid Bombe, 750 Cc Container With High Cover, 1000 Cc Dished Container With Lid, Round Container With 375 Cc, 850 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 2000 Cc Dished Container With Lid, Round Container With 250 Cc, Seedling Trays, 500 Cc Dished Container With Lid, Oval Container With 250 Cc, Specialty Food Containers, Industrial Separators, 150 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 250 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 500 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 1250 Cc Container With Flat Lid, 375 Cc Container With Lid Bombe, 600 Ccyuksek Container With Lid, Oval Container With 150 Cc, Round Container With 500 Cc ...+ show more
-VC999 Packaging Systems (UK)UK
-Unitech Engineering LtdEast Staffordshire District, UK Tanks, Clean Room Furniture, Boot Washers, Depositors & Filling Systems, Industrial Washing Systems, Misc Items, Lifting And Tipping, Specials Bespoke Fabrications, Drains And Kerbing, Tables Pallets Racks And Trolleys, Changing Room Equipment, Stainless Steel Vessels And Utensils, Sinks And Hygiene Equipment, Catering Design, Conveyors And Materials Handling ...+ show more
-Typhoon Packaging Systems LtdUK
-TKVK Associates LtdNottingham, UK
-Tinware Direct LimitedUK Tins, Tins And The Environment, The Advantages Of Tin
-Tinplate Products LtdMalvern Hills District, UK Fridge Magnets, Round Tray, Metal Tins, Clock Pack, Round Tins, Round Slip Lid CD Tin With Window And Tray, Activity Tin - Stationery Set, Body Shop Tin, DVD Two 2 Amaray Size Tin With Window And Hinged Lid, Coffee Tins, Rectangular Hinged Lid Tin, Small Ashtray, Clip Lid Tins, Round Cans, Square Hinged Lid Tins, Cigarette Tins, Tiered Tins, Wall Signs, Bottle Tins, Cakes And Biscuits Tins, Shallow Round Cd Tin, Round Tin, Three Tier Tea Tin, Square Shallow Tray, Award Winning Car Shaped Tins, Tin Boxes, Football Shaped Tin, Small Shallow Round Tray, Small Deep Round Tray, Tea And Coffee Tins, Round Cd Tin, Deep Round Cd Tin, Film Can, Rectangular Slip Lid Tin, Stick Tin, Large Ashtray, Pig Shaped Tins, Barefoot Botanicals Tin ...+ show more
-Thinware Products Industries Sdn BhdShah Alam, Malaysia Round Container, 1000ml Rectangular Container, 650ml Rectangular Container, 500ml Rectangular Container, R30 Round Container, T2 Round Container, R8 Round Container, 700ml Rectangular Container, R16 Round Container, P2 Round Container, R20 Round Container, T1 Round Container, Rectangular Container, P4 Round Container, R25 Round Container, R10 Round Container, 750-C Rectangular Container, 750ml Rectangular Container ...+ show more
-The Sherwood Press GroupUK
-Food Machinery Co. LtdRochester, UK
-Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas AssociationBirmingham, UK Conference Services
-Tendring Pacific LtdSouth Cambridgeshire District, UK Precision Balance, Drying Oven, Portable Moisture Meter, TMI 08-06-02 Portable Sword Hygrometer, TMI 56-15 Electric Incinerator, Gas Mixer, TMI 49-08 Pocket Micrometers, Map Check3, TMI 84-58 Horizontal Tensile Tester, TMI 32-71 Lab Measure Slip & Friction, TMI 58-05 Bekk Smoothness Tester, TMI 21-09 Automatic Densimeters, Fibre Rising Tester, MCA Moisture Content Analyser, TMI 83-10 Elmendorf Tear Tester, Taber Reciprocating Abraser Tester, Digital Paper Hardness Tester (PAROtester 2), Dimensional Stability Tester, LeakMatic II Automatic InLine Leak Detector, Gurley Bending Stiffness Tester, Bekk Smoothness Tester, Smith Roll Tightness Tester, Tmi 70-03 Monitor/Basis Weight, Airproof Tester MFY-01, TMI 497X Series Basic Digital Micrometers, TMI 7002 Paper Basis Weight Scales, TMI 83-11 Monitor/Tear Tester, Protear Elmendorf Heavy Duty Tearing Tester, Protear Elmendorf Mechanical Tearing Tester, TMI 40-20 Paper Roll Hardness Tester (Standard model ), TMI 46-01 Melt Flow Indexer, Electric Incinerator, Benchto ...+ show more
-Telsonic SolutionsUSA packaging, Metal Welding, Plastic Welding, Cut & Seal
-Taylor Davis LtdUK Aluminium Bottles, Twist Off Closures, Rectangular Tins, Small Round HDPE Bottles, Tapered Tinplate Pails, Tighthead Steel Drums, Small Volume Rectangular Square Tub, Tapered Plastic Buckets and Tubs, Poly Plug Cap, Round Tapered Buckets, Small Volume Round Tub, Straight Sided Polycans, Round Tinplate Lever Lid Cans, Small Volume Rectangular Square, Inner Seal, Oval Bucket Range, Rectangular Bucket Range, Wadded Cap, Round Tinplate Drums, Round HDPE Bottles, CRC Cap, U.N. Bottles, Litre Brown Box ...+ show more
-Taconic BiosciencesUSA Laboratory Services, Research Laboratory Services, Medical Laboratory Research Services
-T Freemantle LtdScunthorpe, UK End Load Cartoner, semi automatic end load cartoner, wrap around sleever, continuous two flap sealer, top load carton erector, two flap sealer
-Stemmer ImagingLondon, UK Vision System, Frame Grabbers, Smart Displacement Sensors, Smart Snapshot Sensor, DALSA Boa IDR, High Speed Camera, Laser Line Profilers, Haghspeed Camera, Glossy Metal Components, Cable and Connector
-South Coast Systems LtdUK
-SILGAN PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINERSChesterfield, UK Tubes, Food Plastics, Closures & Fitments
-Sika LimitedUK
-Sheep PrintUK
-SH+E UK LtdHorsham, UK Wastewater Treatment Systems, Functional Water Generator, Toveko Filters, Fibax Filters, Plastics Fabrication & Pre-Assembly Services, Pressure Filtration System, Water Treatment & Recovery Systems