Mukabi Kelvin

Mukabi Kelvin

Event Manager at Le Meilleur Global Exhibitions

  • Nairobi, Kenya
189 events
Following 189 events in 8 countries
At Le Meilleur Global Exhibitions, we manage your events to make sure they are successful from planning to execution and meet the exhibitors market needs.We also do Customized Stands for Exhibitors.


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Industries and Topics

Business Services34 Agriculture & Forestry29 Education & Training23 Industrial Engineering22 Food & Beverages20 Power & Energy16 Banking & Finance16 IT & Technology16 Medical & Pharma14 Building & Construction13 Packing & Packaging10 Science & Research10 Wellness, Health & Fitness9 Hospitality7 Logistics & Transportation6 Renewable Energy6 Investment6 Electric & Electronics5 Travel & Tourism5 Print & Printing4 Home & Office4 Auto & Automotive3 Hospitals & Surgical3 Plastic & Polymers3 Environment & Waste3 Fashion & Beauty3 Real Estate & Property3 Minerals, Metals & Ores3 Consumer Fair2 Cosmetics2 Telecommunication2 Petroleum, Oil & Gas2 Meat, Poultry & Seafood2 Miscellaneous2 Household Consumables2 Paper, Pulp & Board2 Horticulture & Floriculture2 Entertainment & Media2 Blockchain2 Milk & Dairy2 Wood2 Veterinary2 Solar Energy1 Biotechnology1 Chemicals & Dyes1 Startups & Entrepreneurship1 Plant & Machinery1 Air & Water Management1 Lights & Lighting1 Architecture & Designing1 Hotel, Restaurant1 Air, Aviation & Airports1 Furnishings & Decor1 Fashion Shows1 Bakery & Confectionery1 Fabrications1 Furniture1 Artificial Intelligence1 MICE1 Gynecology1 Interior Design1 Social Sciences1 Food Processing1 Industrial Products1 Biomass Energy1 Public Infrastructure1 Apparel & Clothing1 Mining Technology1 Economics1 Mathematics1 Instrumentation1 Laboratory Technology1 HR, Jobs & Career1 Debt Restructuring1 Healthcare Technology1 GIS & Cartography1 Geography1 Food Safety1 Business Management1 view more