nurudeen adedeji adejobi

nurudeen adedeji adejobi

director at talk international

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
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Education & Training135 Business Services87 IT & Technology82 Science & Research65 Banking & Finance25 Industrial Engineering18 Economics17 Social Sciences15 Instrumentation13 Medical & Pharma11 Environment & Waste10 Electric & Electronics10 Business Management10 Travel & Tourism8 Building & Construction7 Power & Energy7 Agriculture & Forestry6 Law & Government5 Logistics & Transportation5 Entertainment & Media5 Telecommunication5 eLearning4 Scientific Instruments4 Computer & Gadgets4 Architecture & Designing4 Infectious Diseases4 Food & Beverages4 Environmental Engineering4 Linguistics4 Auto & Automotive3 Software Engineering3 Animals & Pets3 Renewable Energy3 Fashion & Beauty2 Psychology2 Railway & Roadways2 Baby, Kids & Maternity2 Wellness, Health & Fitness2 Insurance2 Advertising2 Sports & Sporting2 Security & Defense2 Investment2 Minerals, Metals & Ores2 Marine & Boat2 Cosmetics2 Snow & Ice Management2 Psychiatry1 Pediatrics1 Ophthalmology1 Cyber Security1 Hackathon1 Virtual Reality1 Internet of Things1 Smart Cities1 Pedagogy1 Apparel & Clothing1 Plastic & Polymers1 Nuclear Energy1 Meat, Poultry & Seafood1 Fintech1 Shipping & Ports1 Accounting & Auditing1 Nutrition & Food Security1 Optics1 Climate Change1 Gems & Jewelry1 Real Estate & Property1 Anatomy & Physiology1 Mathematics1 Sensor Technology1 Hospitality1 Mechanical & Precision Engineering1 Arts & Crafts1 Outsourcing & Offshoring1 Project Management1 Control Engineering1 Algorithms & Computation1 Parenting1 Geography1 HR, Jobs & Career1 Parallel & Distributed Computing1 Computer Science1 Forensic Science1 Sleep & Sleep Disorders1 Traumatology1 Networks & Communications1 Cryptography & Network Security1 Heart & Cardiology1 Colorectal Surgery1 Adolescent Health & Wellbeing1 Child Welfare1 Quality Management1 Digital Image Processing1 Machine Learning1 Industrial Products1 Nanotechnology1 Urban Planning1 Satellite Technology1 view more