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Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia

List of Exhibitors - Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia

BoothExhibitor Details
-HR Power DesignUSA
-Toyo Tanso USA, Inc.USA
-Stooss USA, Inc.USA
-Adams ValvesUSA
-Gulf Coast MechanicalPasadena, USA
-IMI SensorsDeptford Township, USA
-Howden Compressors, Inc.USA
-Houston Dynamic ServiceUSA
-Hoerbiger Elektronik GmbHPune, India
-Hitachi America, Ltd.Troy, USA Pumps, Electric Motors, Wall Mounting, Short Throw Projector, LCD Television, Water Treatment Equipment, Medium Voltage AC Drives, Sound Bars, Full Projector, DLP Projector, Hitachi Industrial Large Generators, Classroom and Conference Room Projector, Hitachi Industrial Wind Generators, Collegiate Projector, DVD Blu Ray Player, Hitachi Power Semiconductors and Micro Devices ...+ show more
-HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KGJapan Hooks, Handles, Finishes, Pull Handles, Handle, Gate Latches, Numerals, Zinc Handle, Door Hooks, Cabin Hooks, Casement Stays, Cylinder Rings, Alphabets, Toilet Sets, Chrome Combo Handles, Inside Cp, D Knockers, Knocker, Escuthecons, Onda On Y Chrome Combi, Oval Nobs On Y, Teak Handles, Outside Cp ...+ show more
-HilcoElmira, USA Gas Filters, Pleated Cartridges, Pneumatic Start Assembly, Ph Pleated Synthetic Cartridges, Hilliard-Twiflex Centrifugal, Pl Pleated Paper Cartridges, Stacked Disc Cartridges, Bi-Directional Overrunning, Magna Torque, Direct Acting Pneumatic ...+ show more
-HFW IndustriesNew Buffalo, USA
-Hermetic PumpsUSA Submersible Pumps, Canned Motor Pumps, Single Stage Pumps, Displacement Pumps, Magdrive Pumps, Vacuumpumps And -Systems
-HBE EngineeringUSA
-Hansung Co., Ltd.South Korea
-Hammelmann Maschinenfabrik GmbHOelde, Germany Diesel Driven High Pressure Pump, Electrically High Pressure Pump, Ultra High Pressure Pump for Offshore Operation
-Turning MachinesCanada Digital Readouts, Lasers, Instrument Stand, Target Stand, Computer Interface, Triple Scan Laser, Single Axis Large-Number Led Readouts, Ultra-Precision Levelscan Laser, Ultra-Precision Triple Scan Laser, Single-Axis Sweep Target And Stand, Axis Target, Universalsee-Through Target, Transceiver And Hub, Auxiliary Readout, Remote Scan Optical Square, Precision Dual Scan Laser, Precision Triple Scan Laser, Machine Tool Laser, Dual Scan Laser, Bore Alignment System, Extended-Range Universal Scan Targets, Electronic Bubble Level, Axis Self-Centering Bore Target, Universal Wireless Targets, Ultra-Precision Dual Scan Laser, Turbine Bore Sweep Unit, Stud-Mounted Machine Tool Laser, Spindle Lasers, Radio Communication And Read Software, Standard Mounting Bracket Sets, Turbine Target Bracket, Machine Tool Geometry Software, Shaft Alignment System ...+ show more
-Hahn & ClayHouston, USA Field Service, Fabrication Services, Pipeline Services, Machining Services, Rotating Equipment Services
-GTI Predictive TechnologyUSA
-Grand View Media GroupUSA
-Graham CorporationUSA
-Governor Control Systems, Inc.Lauderdale Lakes, USA Water Valve, Modular Actuator, Sg Governor Compressors, Psg Governor Compressors, EG-3P (Proportional) & EG-3PC, MicroNet Turbine Controller, Dynalco Speed Switches, Mechanical-Hydraulic Governor Compressors, Electrohydraulic Power Cylinder, CPC Current to Pressure Converter, VariStroke Linear Actuator, UG-25 Governor compressors, Woodward Gas Valve, Liquid DLE Fuel System, Microprocessor-based Controls, DCL Catalytic Silencers, Woodward Authority System, Precision Flow Valve, Liquid Shutoff Valve, Large Liquid Fuel Valve, Woodward Actuators, Flow-Through Diesel Particulate Filter, Gas Shutoff Valve, Woodward GS Gas Fuel Metering Systems, ProAct Digital Plus Actuator, Ratio Valve, Fuel Metering, Digital Controlller, H-spring Actuator, Gas Engine Controls, L-series Air Valve, SonicFlo Valve, Three-way Fuel Oil Stop Valve, Liquid Fuel Metering Valves, Woodward Mechanical Governors Compressor, Hydraulic Amplifier, Proportional Actuators, The L-Series Position Controller, PGPL Actuator/Driver, UG-Actuator, ProAct ...+ show more
-General AtomicsGermany
-GEA Refrigeration Technologies NetherlandsAlexander, USA Screw Compressor, Dryer, Bakery, Bakery Product, Hygiene And Reliability, Ice Generators, FX Pduo, Spduo, 12E, Bluastrum, Orbital Silos, Insulated Ice Bins, Small Capacity Ice Plants, Pneumatic Ice Conveyor, FX GC Heat Pump, Ingenium Compact Plus, Ice Pack, On Board Ice, Production And Storage Of Liquid Ice, FX P, V Seriessingle Stage, 5HP, FES G Force, Containerized Ice Plants, Fx P Heat Pump, Open Type Compressors, I SRT, A Tec, Ice Compactor, FX GC, GEA Grasso LT, Enhanced Impingement Freezing, Modular, GEA AY Tunnel Freezer, GEA Q belt, Blu Astrum, FX GCduo, DX R, Vehicle Compressors, Screw Compressor Mc, Purger, Ingenium Plus, GEA FES GL, GEA FES GLX, Screw Compressor AC, Semi Hermetic Compressors, Lower Energy Consumption, SSP1 GEA Grasso Smart ScrewPack, GEA Grasso 10, GEA Grasso 10 12 and 12E, DX LR Compact, GEA Grasso V ...+ show more
-Gas & Air SystemsUSA Compressor, Compressors, Piston compressors, Diaphragm Compressors
-Gartner CoatingsPearland, USA Tool Box, Valve, Silencer, Reactors, Coil, Cylinder, Header, Water Pipe, Filter Housing, Tank Trailer, Oil Tank, Pump Impeller, Cable Sockets, Iso Tank, Rocket Cradles Equipment, Rotor Container, Gate Opener Arm, Tube Bundle Headers, Down Hole Orientation Pipe, Large Gear Box, Centrifugal Blower Parts, Metering Pipe, Potable Water Tank, Centrifuge Housing Products, Stair Case, Gas Lift Mandrel Equipment, Twin Seal Actuactor, Pump Pedestal, Granite Sign, Mud Pump Housing, Bull Dozer, Subsea Swivel Flange, Window And Doorframes, Aluminum Extrusions Equipment, Twin Seal Valve, Container Basket, Large Gear ...+ show more
-GARD Specialists Co., Inc.USA