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List of Exhibitors - Seoul FoodPack

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-P&S TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDGwangju, South Korea One Wheel Type Preform Top/Bottom Inspection System, Rotary Type Pet Bottle Leakage Inspection System, One Wheel Type Top/Basement Inspection System, Cap Condition Inspection System, Rotary Type Pr/Nr Preform Whole Surface Inspection System, Rotary Type Empty Glass Bottle Whole Surface Inspection System, Rotary Type Preform Neck Inspection System, Seaming Condition Inspection System, Empty Cap Closure Inspection System, Rotary Type Hr Preform Wave Inspection System, Insert Type Inspection System, Linear Type Glass Bottle Sidewall Inspection System, Rotary Type Hr Preform Whole Surface Inspection System, Rotary Type Glass Bottle Total Inspection System, One Wheel Type Glass Bottle Crack Inspection System, Can Container Date Coding Inspection System, Can End Inspection System, Rotary Type Empty Bottle Whole Surface Inspection Machine ...+ show more
-Lulong Shuangyi Phosphate Co., Ltd.Kolkata, India Fertilizer, H2 So4 Acid, Sodium Silco Fluride Acid
-PACKPLUS Co., LTD.South Korea
-TAEBANG PATEC Co., L..South Korea
-CREOCEANSouth Korea
-JINWOO I.S. Co.,LTD.South Korea
-ILSHIN G&MSouth Korea
-INNO PACKAGE Co., LT..South Korea SEO Services, Branding Design Services, Web Designing and Development Companys, Printed Book
-ENTERLINE Co., LTD.South Korea Semi-Auto Enterpack, Round Heater Unit, Square Heater Unit, Round Vessels, Hardly-Peelable, Easypeelable, Square Vessels, Automatic Enterpack
-ECO GREENSouth Korea
-ADPAC Co., LTD.South Korea AddPac VoIP HD IP Video Conference Solution, AddPac VoIP IP Video Door Phone Solution, AddPac VoIP PTT (Push to Talk) Solution, AddPac VoIP Gateway Series, AddPac VoIP HD Broadcasting Solution, AddPac VoIP GSM Gateway, AddPac VoIP HD Box Camera, AddPac VoIP 3G Gateway Solution, AddPac VoIP Hybrid IP-PBX, AddPac VoIP Video MCU Series, AddPac VoIP IP Phone Series, AddPac VoIP CDMA Gateway Series, AddPac VoIP Video Phone, AddPac VoIP Emergency Solution ...+ show more
-IPACK P&D Co., LTD.South Korea
-SOFT PACK Co., LTD.South Korea
-SUNGWOO ENVITECH Co...Seoul, South Korea Drinking Cup, Vending Cup, Ice-Cream Cup, Noodle Cup / Paper Cup, Take Out Cup, Snack Cup, Frozen Dessert Cup, Noodle Cup, Drinking Cup(, Take Out / Paper Cup, ECO Paper Cup
-DAEWON INDUSTRIAL Co..South Korea Zipper Pouch, Retort Pouch, Stand-Up Pouch, Roll Film For Automatic Pouching Mcachine, Refill Pouch, Aroma Vavle Pouch ( For Coffee Bag ), Top Web Roll And Botton Film
-TPG CO., LTD.South Korea
-LIPMEN Co., LTD.Incheon, South Korea Moisture Dependent Oxygen Absorber, Self Reacting Type Oxygen Absorber, Oxygen Absorber for X Ray, Card Type Desiccant, Microwave Oven Oxygen Absorber, Ethylene Gas Absorber, Power dry sorb, Composite Deoxidation Desiccant, Microorganism Growth Inhibiting Oxygen Absorber, MC dry, Gas Absorber, None Iron Base Oxygen Absorber, Silicagel in Non Woven Bag ...+ show more
-ArtROBOSouth Korea
-ISUNG Co., LTD.South Korea
-TROYSouth Korea
-ChemkoreaSouth Korea
-SYNCHROTEC Co., LTD...South Korea