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Seoul Int'l Seafood Show

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2 May 2018 Edition Crispin Chow Reviewed on 17 May 2018 President at Pacific Web International Ltd
Very few international companies were exhibiting. Most vendors were local retailers and many didn't speak English. I could not find any Korean fishery company at that show which could supply frozen seafood raw materials.

5 May 2017 Edition U Ye Htut Oo Reviewed on 18 May 2017 Managing Director at Spbg Co,ltd
it is good for all of business person.We got a lot of products knowledge frkm this exhibition.Yhanks for all.

4 May 2017 Edition Daniel Ng Reviewed on 18 May 2017 Sales Manager at Marvid International Pte Ltd
good unfortunately we've some language barrier, but no problem, on the whole, it was a good show

2 May 2017 Edition Yong wei jien Reviewed on 15 May 2017 Marketing Manager at Emperor marine marketing
The event it's small than I expected. I'm more to shrimp but only have few shrimps company there. Let me know if any exhibitions is bigger than this. Thank you

3 May 2017 Edition Mohamad Zareman Zulkifli Reviewed on 18 May 2017 Chief executive officer at Edaran Jutamas Sdn Bhd
The bestBut i come from malaysia At last day eventA lot of exhibitor already goneVery sad

5 May 2017 Edition Andre Perdigon Vocalan Reviewed on 20 May 2017 Marketing & Operations at Balaw Balaw Foods Inc.
I learn a lot hopefully well join the event next time

5 May 2017 Edition Syed Sajid Ali Reviewed on 19 May 2017 Proprietor at SIDDIUQE & SONS
yea that was nice event i want to attend more events

4 May 2018 Edition Faisal javed Reviewed on 15 May 2018 Owner at Faisal tarders
Invasion latter send me

5 May 2017 Edition Mohamed zaheer Reviewed on 16 May 2017 Managing partner at BLUE MARINE FZ LLC
It was small exhibition and was ok

3 May 2017 Edition Onjira Ch. Reviewed on 15 May 2017 Director at Unika Group Thai Co., Ltd.
Too Less Exhibitors and less English Speaking exhibitors

3 May 2017 Edition D.R. Wenst Reviewed on 18 May 2017 Managing Director at WAP Marinetech Ltd
Target not reached

4 May 2018 Edition Eileen Yong Reviewed on 15 May 2018 Marketing Manager at Manjung Aqua-b

5 May 2017 Edition Lycia D. Marzan Reviewed on 19 May 2017 Individual at Individual
Five (5)

5 May 2017 Edition hawktradelinks1 Reviewed on 18 May 2017 CEO at Hawk Trade Links

5 May 2017 Edition Muhammad Ijaz Reviewed on 15 May 2017 Chief Executive at Hawk Trade Links

3 May 2018 Edition Mahmood Zafar Reviewed on 27 Jun 2018 seoul at Awasia Trading Co

5 May 2018 Edition Daniel Gardner Reviewed on 13 Jun 2018 Professor at Namseoul University

5 May 2018 Edition Sajal Kumer Das Reviewed on 21 May 2018 Proprietor at Loknath Traders

5 May 2018 Edition Walter L Alejo Reviewed on 21 May 2018 visitor at mc jhannuz internet cafe

5 May 2018 Edition erlynnesarte Reviewed on 18 May 2018 Operations Manager at Lotus Dairy Farm