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4 May 2018 Edition Matt Johnston Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Custodial Manager at Biola University
I just spent a couple hours on the show floor. There were a lot of relevant and apparently high quality service and stuff providers represented. It was worth my time.

5 Apr 2017 Edition art Reviewed on 25 Apr 2017 trade show at mt san antonio college
I think it gets better every year, true not as many vendors . But the one that did show up were high quality, that's really why I attend. To meet the best with new technology and products.

5 May 2018 Edition Chris Karl Reviewed on 04 May 2018 Individual
good job could have used more interested parties though.

2 Apr 2017 Edition Alex Bratcher Reviewed on 26 Apr 2017 Public Works Supervisor at State of California
I was less than impressed with the Facilities Expo. The Anaheim Convention Center as a venue represents facilities management at its worst. The number and caliber of vendors was poor.I frankly found it a tremendous waste of my time.

5 May 2018 Edition Ray Nault Reviewed on 23 May 2018 Assistant Estimator at Eps Dpw Jftb Los Alamitos, Ca
great event, how do I receive CEUs?

5 Apr 2017 Edition John Herrera Reviewed on 22 Apr 2017 Individual
Meet many new vendors, that will help us extend our network.

3 Apr 2017 Edition Tim Lowe Reviewed on 24 Apr 2017 Project Manager at Stanford Graduate School Of Business
Good... wish there were more vendors showing, never the less, it was a good show

5 May 2018 Edition Daryl Fields Reviewed on 04 May 2018 D.FIELDS at AIG
very good event

4 May 2018 Edition Dana Bisantz Reviewed on 05 May 2018 Church at The Highlands Church
Got what we wanted

5 Apr 2017 Edition Felipe Campos Reviewed on 21 Apr 2017 Santa ana at City of Santa Ana
Very much liked the vendors

4 Apr 2017 Edition Mary Birch Reviewed on 03 Jan 2018 Education and training at Contractors Business Centers
I walked this event, great show!

3 Apr 2017 Edition Craig Key Reviewed on 26 Apr 2017 Coo at Shrink Wrap Pros
Would like to have seen more exhibitors.

4 Apr 2017 Edition Nancy Rinearson Reviewed on 24 Apr 2017 Director at Innocean
It was a good event.

4 Apr 2017 Edition Chino Vasquez Reviewed on 22 Apr 2017 Facilities at 3M DDSD
Good experience.

4 May 2018 Edition Ed McCarthy Reviewed on 08 May 2018 COO at LA Regional Food Bank

5 May 2018 Edition Orlando Valderrama Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Individual

5 May 2018 Edition Paul Norman Reviewed on 07 May 2018 Manager at Snorkel International

4 May 2018 Edition Carlos Javier Estrada Reyes Reviewed on 05 May 2018 Electrical Engineer at Skyworks

3 May 2018 Edition Cheddy Reviewed on 05 May 2018 Alhambra Unified School District

4 May 2018 Edition Humberto Roman Santos Reviewed on 04 May 2018 Mechanical Engineer at skyworks