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UBM(Asia) Thailand Co. Ltd




Fashion and Beauty


BITEC Bangkok Thailand
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About ASEANbeauty

ASEANbeauty is the premier international beauty trade show for Southeast Asia. ASEANbeauty is organized by UBM Asia (Thailand) Co. Limited .

  • 100+ years old Org , Organising over 300 market-leading B2B events every year
  • One of the biggest commercial exhibition organizer throughout globe.
  • Has more than 3,700 staff
  • Operate in more than 20 countries


ASEANbeauty’s goals were to create awareness about the exhibition through different marketing channels and add value to the event. They wanted to create worldwide reach and find companies in the beauty industry interested in expanding their businesses.

Plan of Action

ASEANbeauty consulted 10Times for targeting the right audience within the specific timeline. Our Event experts hand crafted multiple marketing strategies to achieve the targeted results. Our approach included all round event nurturing for pre , during and post event cycles.

How 10Times Did It ?

At 10Times we are committed to determine how can we best reach the audience. We focused on multiple touch points to achieve the objective. Some of the campaigns we planned to drive results are :

  • Geo - Targeting Campaigns - Targeted the audience for worldwide exposure.
  • Landing page retargeting campaigns - targeting visitors to influence marketing pages.
  • Newsletter - We reach out to audience who are our loyalists and the new ones with reach.
  • Targeting digitally - targeting visitors through influencer marketing.
  • Banner Promotion - Banners of the event is listed under various categories on our platform.
  • Match Making - We provide platform for networking between exhibitors and visitors even before attending the event.
  • Visitor Networking - Visitors connected with each other before and during the event.


10Times has successfully completed Marketing Campaign for ASEANbeauty and are currently working with UBM subsidiaries in - India, Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Thailand. ASEANbeauty became a success story for 10Times with the marketing module we adopted :

  1. Impressions - 1,124,200
  2. Email reach - 1,199,001
  3. Page views- 5561
  4. Attendee registration -761
  5. No of stall request - 19


“The result of visitors for ASEANbeauty is successful. So, thank you for your hard work with my project.“

Rata Sunakorn (Mook)
Strategic Marketing Executive
UBM Asia Ltd

5 Ashok Kumar Managing Director at Horizon Bioceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

My experience was really good , the event was knowledgeable and the exhibitor who exhibited their products showed a lot of interest in OEM and their products too. i wish very best for them and hope to join again in october 30,2018.Regards,

5 isabel oloan Consultant
at Finelandfinds

It was great to see a lot of products and It was a great opportunity to have experienced the new movement in the beauty industry. I would have enjoyed the demos more if it were in English or maybe some demos be in English.

5 Satish G. Menon Sales Manager at Multilink Sourcing Corporation Ltd

It was beneficial, got to meet some good vendors and came across new product lines in skincare and spa products!