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Propak China


China International Exhibition Ltd. (UBM CIE)




Packing & Packaging


National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai

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About Propak China

Propak China annually organised by China International Exhibitions Ltd. (UBM CIE) is one of the leading Processing & Packaging events of China. This event has been an eminent platform for sourcing food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries and attracts over 100 thousand buyers both at home and abroad.

Propak China 2018 had the vision to feature:

  • 1,000+ companies
  • a record-breaking scale of 180,000 square meters


The goal was to attract more visitors & exhibitors at the global level using right channels and promote the event at an international platform.

Propak China had an aim to create a new benchmark for its international audience traffic by using innovative marketing channels and approach. 10times being the world's largest event promotion platform successfully catered & delivered the expected results to give the right kind of branding & reach to attract a more international audience to show site.

Plan of Action

To fetch target results rapidly, 10times followed a strategically planned module. Focussed on crucial points, efforts, expertise and energy to create an event hype into the global market to generate a handpicked right audience.

How we did it

Once the event campaign goes live with us, our team of specialised campaign experts utilize different tools and techniques to forge event success.

  • Geo-Targeted Campaigns - Targeting visitors at a global level.
  • Increasing visibility of event - Visibility of the event is increased on our platform & we help the visitors reach out the event digitally to attract interest.
  • Digitally - A team of experts work on the unique designs for the campaign to attract users on our multi-channel Platform.
  • Content - The team reviews the content and reframe it whenever required. Applies various marketing techniques to fetch maximum reach.
  • Banner Promotion - Banners of the event is listed under various categories on our platform which helps in catching eyeballs of potential attendees.


The Propak China campaign exceeded expectations and surpassed benchmarks, delivering the following:

  1. Impressions   -  5,95,733
  2. Email Reach   -  42,163
  3. Social Media  -  11,488
  4. Registration   -  330


- Client Testimonial -

“10times provided us with a wonderful platform to publish show information to overseas markets and it ranks well
on google and other search engines. Hundreds of customers across the world registered for their participation in our show and some
left valuable comments. In addition, we can use oDASH easily to publish show information and manage leads database. And there are
more functions of oDASH to be explored for us. Thank you again for your kind service and prompt reply when I meet any problem.
Looking forward to the next cooperation for our 2019’s show.

Spric Tian 田晓俊
Senior Marketing Manager