How Expense Reduction Analysts used DIY Mobile App for Reducing Paper Consumption & Enhancing Networking?

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Matthias Meyer - Conference Administrator


Expense Reduction Analysts


Banking & Finance

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Networking, Auto Reports, Tracking, Push Notifications, Selective App Access, Reminders, Ratings

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More than 10
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About Expense Reduction Analysts-

ERA is the world’s number one franchise in overhead cost optimization and supply management, for 25 years. With more than 650 franchisees operating in over 30 countries worldwide, ERA operates in both public and private sector.

“We mainly used their software for the App that they provide and also needed a customization to their standard Software. The length customer service went to provide this was more than I would have ever expected for the money we invested. All our Conference Attendees gave us great feedback about the App that they provided.” 


ERA Global’s ultimate goal was a Cost Effective & Easy to Use DIY Mobile App, to establish a better peer to peer networking & reduce paper consumption. They also wanted to restrict App’s access and needed real-time networking channel between attendees with privacy features.


  • To eradicate the use of paper in printing flyers, brochure & pamphlets
  • To enhance the networking between conference attendees
  • To be able to alert attendees in real-time about any changes in the conference
  • To gather feedback on different agenda sessions & overall conference experience
  • To track attendee presence via location based check-in
  • To restrict app’s access to only conference attendees

Solutions offered by 10times

10times oDASH enabled the organizer to create, publish & manage the app via an easy to use DIY Dashboard for better control on the data & respective functions of the app.

App took care of the main requirements via features like real time in-app chat, push notifications, agenda session reminders & ratings, location based check-in & documents preview support resulting in reducing the use of paper by 90% & enhancing the attendees overall experience.

Product Team extended a hand in customizing features to better suit the needs of the organizer and customer support equally ensured a smooth execution of the project by providing priority support to make it an overall success.


An easy-to-use, DIY event app with 100% Adoption Rate

Attendees downloaded the app in order to gain access to information like Agenda, Speakers, Floor Plans, Workshop Registration & Planner etc. The app became a focal point of the conference to communicate with fellow attendees & staying updated with latest news.

Mobile device

“Highly customizable Event App for our Conference for a decent price. This even made us save more money than we would have spent on event information distribution and printing of event brochures and information as all was available on the App.” 

Matthias Meyer
Conference Administrator

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